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What Are Healthy PH Levels?

The PH ranges from 1 to 14 and 7 neutral, above 7 is Alkaline and below 7 is Acidity. To maintain a healthy body it has to have a PH of 7.4.

50 Reasons You Need Coconut Oil

Whats all the fuss about Coconut Oil? Well Coconut Oil is literally the most diverse product on the market. Not only can you replace all your oil products in the kitchen, but you can also use it as a moisturizer, tooth paste, hair grease, disinfectant for cuts and scrapes, healthy fat substitute and so much more. For now I’m just going to list a few of the health benefits.

Maca Root Superfood

Maca Root is known as the Peruvian Ginseng because of the assortment and thickness of its minerals: calcium, potassium, press, phosphorus, magnesium, silica and zinc. It has been utilized as a part of Peru for perseverance, vitality and hormonal adjust for more than 2,000 years. Keep reading to find out more of it’s amazing health benefits.

Magnesium Deficiency Can Make You Feel Very Ill

If you are suffering from, poor concentration and memory, low energy and adrenal exhaustion, insomnia, depression, muscular and/or menstrual cramps or headaches and migraines, then you may be low on Magnesium. Our body needs magnesium to function properly. We generally find it stored in our organs, bones and a small amount in our blood stream. It is harder to detect a deficiency because of where it is stored and you may not even realize that you are lacking in the vitamin until you start to have the physical signs. The early signs to look out for can include things such as loss of appetite, headache, nausea, fatigue, and weakness.

Buy Organic Tamarind and Grab Health and Taste in One Go

Most biologists know this thingamajig by the name of Tamarindus indica, under Fabaceae. Most homemakers and elders know this miracle pod as the quick fix when one needs a good laxative, digestive, a solution for bile disorders; or in the kitchen, as a condiment or an emulsifying agent in syrups, decoctions, dips and chutneys of many varieties.

Spring Forward With a Season of Good Things to Eat

Add nutrient-dense foods in season to your menu. You’ll enjoy their rich flavors along with a bushel of nutrients.

Clean Eating Can Reduce Inflammation

Food is Medicine. Food is the best medicine. Everything we eat is creating health, wellness and a great life. Or, if you are eating junk, you are fueling a future of poor health, low productivity, chronic disease, doctor visits, pharmaceuticals, treatments, procedures, and even bankruptcy.

Are 3 Food Myths Keeping You Stuck?

Quite a few nutrition and food myths exist, but several crop up over and over. This article looks at 3 of them.

Healthy Eating – Delicious Dip Ideas To Try

As part of your quest to start eating healthier, making sure you are taking in enough fresh fruit and vegetables is a must. Sadly, many people fall short because they just do not enjoy the taste of these nutritious choices. The good news is with a few small adjustments to your approach; you can hit your targets. How do you do that? Simply by adding a dip to the mix. Let’s look at a few tasty dip ideas you can use to create healthy serving options to make it easier to take in more produce.

Should Black Pepper in Pregnancy Be Avoided?

Should black pepper in pregnancy be avoided? Many women avoid black pepper during their pregnancies due to its potential side effects on the baby. Having said that, there are many health benefits of black pepper from fighting flu to reducing the risk of depression. With this in mind, should pregnant women be avoiding black pepper or should it be a regular seasoning with their meals? Find out more.

Your Health & Your Food: Are You Teachable?

Nutrition can often help with health issues that were previously thought to require doctors and medications. This article covers tips on getting the most from your nutritionist’s suggestions.

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