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Spirulina Health Benefits

Spirulina is a nutritional supplement. It is high in nutrition and provides many health benefits.

Wise Moves for Heart Health

We may be heartsick, and heartbroken, over heartfelt issues that can cast a cloud over our outlook. People can react to this mood in a number of ways—some may find solace in the menu of the day, craving carbs and chocolate while other folks may dismiss food entirely. Issues that can create less than sunny days can affect heart health and throughout February, American Heart Month, I am focusing on suggestions that can be helpful in keeping disheartening thoughts away.

Eat Your Way to Great Health With Good Carbs

Getting rid of those unwanted pounds and having a healthier life is not about proteins or carbs. The real difference for having a healthier life is about eating good carbs and avoiding bad carbs.

Healthy Eating – Five Unusual Additions To Improve Your Diet

You may have asked others for their opinion on how you could improve your diet. The quality of feedback you will receive from your peers will vary. Some advice may benefit you, while some will not. Through trial and error, you will discover what works best for you. Here are a few changes you could make, choices you may not have considered before. Below are five additions you could make to improve your diet and digestive health.

How to Reduce Phlegm and Excess Mucus

Have you had a phlegmy cough that you just can’t get rid of? Perhaps you are getting rid of a cold or flu and some how there is still mucus lingering when you cough or blow your nose? Perhaps it’s even in your stools. You have been told that to get rid of the dairy but it still lingers. What can it be?

How Caffeine Can Help You Control Pain

Caffeine can help you control pain. It can boost the effect of other pain relievers or work by itself. This article offers an explanation.

Healthy Eating – Is The Mediterranean Diet For You?

A diet plan you may have heard about if you have been doing your research on the many different healthy eating plans out there is the Mediterranean diet. This eating style has received a lot of positive feedback by many people for the numerous advantages it offers. While it is often referred to as a diet, it is more a way of eating. Let’s quickly take a closer look at what this plan entails and whether or not it is right for you.

For Your Health, Eat More Broccoli: Here Is Why

When it comes to health benefits there is hardly anything broccoli hasn’t got. Although for most people, broccoli is just another vegetable without knowing the power of prevention and healing. Lots of research and studies over years have confirmed that eating lots of fruit and vegetables has long been associated with a far lower risk of many health conditions. It also has been found that increasing consumption of plant foods decreases the risk of many diseases as well promoting a healthy complexion such as skin and hair.

10 Most Fabulous Health Benefits of Pomegranates

One of the most famous Bible foods that are able to heal the body and the mind, pomegranates are also my favorite miracle fall and winter fruit that is rich in antioxidants and amazingly tasty as well.November is considered the National Pomegranate Month, which means you have no excuse to leave that huge, ruby-red fruit on the shelf while grocery shopping. Unfortunately, pomegranates are highly underrated for no obvious reason. While, yes, they’re not easy to eat, and depending on the season, are expensive, but I think it’s all because people aren’t aware of the powerful health and beauty benefits the fruit offers. In this article, I will help you to fall in love with pomegranates once and forever. Read on.

The Importance of Probiotics to Human Health

How important probiotics are to your health. You need various kinds of friendly bacteria to stay healthy. It is about 80% of your immune system.

The Hidden Blessings of Forest Honey You May Not Know

Honey is an ancient superfood. Some historians have dated its existence as long back as 150 million years through the fossils discovered. Lore also has it that Egyptian dynasties were the frontrunners of honey in many ways and later on beehives thrived both in temples as well as royal palaces for supplying kings, queens and common people with ointments, concoctions and even beverages like mead perhaps. After all, there must be something inside honey that makes us believe in the Greek Queen bee Aphrodite and that made our forefathers worship bees with utmost passion.

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