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About the ANDI Scale and Nutritarian Diet

Giving readers insight into what the ANDI (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index) is all about, how to use it and how it applies to the Nutritarian Diet. Research shows that eating a diet rich in micro-nutrients aids in weight loss and can stop the progression and in some cases cause a reversal of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Alternatives for Reducing Serum Cholesterol Levels

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in America with stroke right behind it in third position. High serum cholesterol levels associate with increased risk of heart disease. Commonly prescribed drugs, have taken the number one spot for reducing cholesterol levels. These drugs may lower cholesterol levels but, they have not stopped heart disease in our country. Read here for some natural approaches that may be helpful for reducing cholesterol.

Is Your Health Out of Control? Part I

Heart disease, cancer, and stroke are the three top diseases in our nation. Science and technology are discovering new and improved methods of treatment, however these diseases are still on the rise. Overweight, obesity, and type 2 diabetes are now heading to the top of the list of chronic diseases, and they are not likely to stop.

Why It’s Important To Teach Children About Nutrition

It’s a true fact that parents can’t always be around to watch what their kids are eating. If that were the case we parents would have to follow our kid everywhere! Whether it’s when they’re home alone, at a friends or an activity children need awareness of what they’re eating. But, why is it important? There are several reasons that they need to be taught.

Organic Cherries and Their Benefits

Organic cherries can give you the great taste of cherries as well as a number of health benefits. Best of all, organic cherries have been grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. What a winning combination.

3 Answers When Using Green Smoothies to Lose Weight

Losing weight with green smoothies is not difficult. Each glass can be used as a meal replacement and is packed with nutrition your body craves. Well answer 3 questions often asked while using green smoothies for weight loss.

Enjoy a New Twist on Water to Meet Your Fluid Needs

Water is an important essential nutrient that often gets overlooked. Find interesting ways to enhance the taste of your water to help you enjoy it and meet your needs.

Do You Want to Get Healthy Now?

Health and nutrition is vital for everyone. Here are some easy tips to start getting healthy now.

Peanut Butter: Tips to Consider

People who wish to buy peanut butter should opt for the healthiest and natural varieties. One must avoid products having trans fatty acids and hydrogenated oils. Reading up on labels for ingredients is very significant.

6 Foods To Always Buy Organic

For your own peace of mind, the following six foods are ones that you don’t want to skimp to buy the conventional. More and more studies are showing that pesticides and some of the other chemicals used could be a health hazard. Some studies will actually come out and say there is a correlation between pesticides and cancer. If you have children or other loved ones, you do not want to compromise their health, even if there is only a small chance.

The 21st Century Food Chain

In the 21st century many people are highly dependent on processed and packaged convenience foods – they have forgotten how to eat “natural” food. The human body has a battle on its hands trying to survive the onslaught of bad food choices that people are subjecting themselves to on a daily basis.

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