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Using the Nutrition Label to Your Advantage

For almost One Hundred Years, the USDA has being issuing food guides to guide us Americans with sound dietary advice. As more and more processed and packaged foods hit the store shelves with nutritional claims, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) began requiring nutrition information on labels. During the 90’s food labeling practices were reformed to help reflect both modern health concerns as well as new findings in the world of health and nutrition. One of the big changes that occurred was detailed information on the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol a product contains. This change is the reflection of the new dangers of heart disease and diabetes that our society now faces.

Potassium Power

Despite its importance to everyday body functions, a lot of people out there find themselves stuck in a diet that is deficient in this all important mineral. This sucks because along term potassium deficiency can lead to a whole host of health problems that can affect both your general well being as well as your lifestyle. Potassium helps to regulate all of the body’s fluid levels including blood pressure. It can help keep your heart pumping at steady, regular intervals and helps promote a healthy nervous system. Potassium is needed for better muscle control and it also aids the kidneys in the removal of toxins. Its role is waste removal is also important for the growth of new healthy cells. Potassium also helps with the transportation of oxygen to the brain allowing for better cognitive functioning.

The Joys of Tomato Juice

Somebody has probably already informed you that a tomato is technically a fruit due to the fact that it has seeds. Hopefully, this know it all also happened to mention how this wonderful red fruit is also packed with tons of nutrients that will not only have you feeling better after a night out on the town, but will actually help you look and feel younger.

The Worst Diets Are Low-Fat

If you’ve grown frustrated by quick-fix fad diets that never seem to work-or by losing a lot of weight and then gaining it all back-it’s time you learned the facts. One of the most common diet mistakes is focusing on low fat diet weight loss instead of metabolic balance.

Breaking Down How to Read Food Labels

The nutritional facts label is required to be on most packaged food and beverages by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The best way to control the amount of nutrients you consume, short of getting on a meal delivery program that does that work for you, is to become proficient in reading labels. Unless you know what you’re looking for, they might as well be in a language foreign to you. There is a lot of information there, but it is obviously worthless if you don’t know what it means.

All About Protein – A Beginner’s Guide to Protein

Have questions about protein? Get the scoop on how much protein you need, when you should eat protein, and more!

Eat Local: Lose Weight And Save Money At Your Farmers Market

By shopping at your local farmers market, you will be healthier and save a lot of money. Here I go in depth at exactly how much money I was able to save in one single trip.

The Cheater Diet: Lose The Strict Programs

This article discusses how your diet does not need to be perfect for you to lose weight. The key is that you don’t go overboard when you do eat something that you know is bad for your health. Everything in moderation.

Is Chocolate Good For You? It’s Lookin’ That Way

Quite a few people ask the question, “Is chocolate good for you?”, hoping to hear an answer that gives them permission to indulge. As time goes by, there is mounting evidence that supports the affirmative answer to that question and that, “yes, chocolate is good for you!” In moderation of course… there is always that added qualifier. What is recent research telling us?

Health Benefits of Quinoa – Quinoa Has Become a Recent Topic of Discussion for Its Health Benefits

However, the majority of people have never even heard of this grain. Quinoa is a grain which originates in South America.

Pomegranate: Improving Sexual Health for Men!

We all will be wondering how a fruit can serve as a ‘Natural Viagra’ but it is absolutely true. Pomegranates are very much rich in antioxidants. The antioxidant chemicals in pomegranates prevents the occurring as well as return of prostate cancer, according to a UCLA study.

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