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More About Antioxidants – 5 Benefits From Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a flavonoid (a polyphenolic bioflavonoid, to be more accurate!) that has been identified as a very potent antioxidant. It is found primarily in purple fruits and vegetables and (luckily for some of us!) in cocoa and dark chocolate!

Fear Is Not A Reason To Eat Healthy Food

Fear is not a good motivator. Many people today are trying to change their diets as a response to the fear of becoming diseased, or unhealthy, or suffering from an illness brought on by poor eating choices.

The Easy Way to Fat Loss

There are many Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, and T.V. shows that will have the desire to help someone struggling to lose fat and mean well, but go about in an unrealistic way. How many times have you seen or heard someone say that you have to get rid of all the unhealthy foods and habits from your home? Well this is partially true, but for some people its extreme. Now I’m not saying that this approach doesn’t work, but most individuals will relapse and put all the weight back on and then some. I would like to suggest that YOU choose one thing to cut down on a day. For instance, if you eat 2 cheese burgers a day cut down to 1 cheese burger. If you drink 4 sodas a day, cut down to 3 sodas a day and so on until you eliminate these things completely. This will create new habits and a different MINDSET THAT WILL LAST!

10 Fundamental Benefits of Healthy Intestinal Flora

For many people it is surprising, if not alarming, to realize that not one of us is ever alone! Rather, each of us is a whole ecosystem, as we play host to billions of beneficial bacteria and micro-flora in our intestines on our skin and elsewhere. And we have a mutually beneficial (symbiotic) relationship!

A Book Review: The Naked Foods Cookbook – The Whole-Foods, Healthy-Fats, Gluten-Free Guide

If you are like me, you have read and heard much about eating healthy, non-processed foods. I have read many great books and websites. Frankly, most of the time I am overwhelmed with the task. Like many, my family has budget and time constraints that add to the difficulty of the task. I came across this title – The Naked Foods Cookbook – The Whole-Foods, Healthy-Fats, Gluten-Free Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great by Margaret Floyd and James Barry. Find out how this cookbook can help in more ways than you might expect from a cookbook.

Using Cherry Juice to Treat Gout

The value of eating various types of fruits to sustain the body and keep it healthy is widely-acknowledged. Even so, using the cherry juice to cure gout is a very powerful option to reduce the swelling and inflammation related with gout. Cherry fruits are obtained from a variety of limited numeral species, together with cultivars of the commonly known wild cherry, (Prunus avium). Cherries are loaded with flavonoids, anthocyanins and antioxidants that have natural therapeutic substances.

Is Vitamin C A Super Antioxidant Capable of Incredible Abilities to Cure Disease?

There is a controversy raging about what vitamin C can do to stop the world wide epidemic of heart disease and occlusive strokes, as well as preventing and intervening in many other major diseases. The mainstream medical industry and the allopathic medical model may be grossly underestimating the role vitamin C can play in cures for major diseases that have become so common in this industrialized world we all live in.

More Superfoods For Your Fitness Journey

The term superfood is loosely defined as a food that is nutrient dense. These foods generally contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber while being low in calories. When we are trying to be fit or improve fitness, the body needs as many nutrients as possible to help give energy and help repair muscle tissue that is broken down from vigorous workouts. Let’s look at some superfoods that can help us do that.

Five Diet and Lifestyle Changes That Can Lower Your Cancer Risk

There is a lot we can all do to decrease our chances of getting cancer. What you eat, how active you are, and how much you weigh are things you can influence and improve on every single day of your life.

Healthy Eating: What Does the Nose Know?

What we think of as simple “taste” is really a complex process that involves taste, smell and texture. So, if smell plays a role in taste, then do diet programs based on sprinkling scented crystals on your food or sniffing scented inhalers really work?

Healthy Fat Loss Diet: Seven Foods Every Man Should Eat

This article highlights seven powerful super foods that specifically benefit men’s health. These foods are packed with nutrients men need most and they are all vital in supporting sexual function, fighting various cancers, and reducing heart disease – to name just a few benefits.

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