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Don’t Think You’re Nutritionally Safe With Artificial Sweeteners

Many diets recommend using artificial sweeteners in place of sugar to keep the taste and lose the weight. These artificial sweeteners come in many forms including Aspartame, saccharine, Sucralose, and Acesulfame-K.

7 Tips for Eating Healthy While Eating Out

Many families dine in restaurants several times each week. Many parents are concerned about the impact of restaurant meals on their family, but dining out doesn’t have to mean eating unhealthy. Here are 7 tips that will help you stay healthy while eating in your favorite restaurants.

Grains in the Spotlight

This article covers the recognition of gluten sensitivity, the tests involved, and a brief explanation of the diet. It promotes the fact that symptoms are reversible on a particular diet (the gluten free diet), as opposed to medication, a fact which will give hope to sufferers.

Cast Iron: A Healthy Alternative

Paying the price for convenience. Is it worth risking your health? Cast iron is making an amazing come back in mainstream America. Find out why

Feed Your Soul With Peace, Love and Quality

Getting what we want and obtaining our health and wellness goals comes from awareness and the desire to lead an authentic life! If you did have a health concern or goal, what would it be?

Multivitamins Start The Day Right

Multivitamins are a part of your daily health care. Be sure you are aware of what you are taking.

Signs And Symptoms That You Have A Magnesium Deficiency

A magnesium deficiency can produce symptoms that are so wide in range, and may not be severe enough to suspect disease. Every day annoyances such as fatigue, headaches, irritability, and carbohydrate cravings lead you to drink a little more coffee, grab some chocolate for a snack (chocolate has magnesium in it!), or reach for an OTC painkiller. Yet, adding some magnesium to your diet may make all these magnesium deficiency signs disappear.

Take Some Superfoods Along With You On Your Journey To Fitness

So you have embarked upon a fitness journey. You’ve joined a gym or bought some workout dvd’s. You are attending classes at gym at least 3 times a week or you are working out at home with your dvd’s 3 or more times a week. Your diet is good, but you are wondering if there are better food choices that you can make. The answer is yes. This article will discuss some superfoods, why they should be included in your diet and how they can help you on your journey.

The Importance of Iodine in Pregnancy and Fertility

Recently, GP’s have started prescribing iodine, along with folic acid, as a routine prescription to pregnant women. Iodine is just one of several nutrients that are essential for a healthy growing baby, so what is it about iodine that makes it an absolute essential for foetal development?

5 Tips on How To Increase Your Appetite Naturally

So you aren’t eating as much as you used to and your doctor says that’s normal with age. Well your doctor is wrong. Lack of proper digestion can lead to muscle loss, general weakness, tiredness, depression, and even a reduced ability to fight off disease or recover from surgery or sickness. Here’s 5 tips to increase your appetite naturally.

The Truth About “Dieting”

Why traditional “dieting” doesn’t work. There is a healthier alternative that is more effective, and lasts a lifetime.

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