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Three Popular Health Fads That Are Halting Your Fitness Progress

People generally are looking for the next great little tip to help improve their health or lose weight. While most of them seem good, they actually could be halting your fitness progress!

The Benefits of Organic Certified Wheatgrass

Organic certified wheatgrass is deemed as one of the healthiest foods on the globe. There are a lot of health benefits that can be acquired when drinking this organic juice on a regular basis.

Honey In Its Unprocessed Form – The Best Honey for Your Health

Honey – raw and unprocessed can be one of the healthiest foods, and can go a long way in ensuring good health and well being for us. Instead of sugar, one may choose to add a tablespoon of honey to coffee or tea, and enjoy the many health benefits it offers. And honey is not just nutritious, it can add magic to bowl of cornflakes, or you could put a dash of honey on a toast, along with butter.

Your PH or Acid-Alkaline Balance Has Everything to Do With Your Health!

All of us, ideally, would like to live a disease-free, pain-free life. If you can maintain a good acid-alkaline balance in your body, it will do wonders for your health. When your body is too acid, it leads to degenerative diseases.

‘Organic Food’ – Way To A Healthy Life

Organic food is a new trendsetter. When you consume naturally produced foods, you unknowingly bless your body. Prevalent in many countries across the world, Organic farming now sees a bright future in third world countries too.

The Carb Conundrum, How Carbohydrates Work

Endless hours of debate and terabytes worth of data have been parsed and spun in favor of and against the poor carbohydrate. Is there a truth, one final word on this misunderstood category of nutrient that we can all live with and live by? In a word, no.

Chocolate – Food of the Gods, Brain Cannabinoids, and Hedonic Eating

Forget manna from heaven and ambrosia – chocolate is the true food of the gods. It is wonderful for romance, whether you have a date or are by yourself on Valentine’s Day. And it isn’t addictive, I swear!

How To Make A Healthy Chocolate Milkshake In 5 Simple Steps

Keep checking our posts for more of these ways to drink milk. Please share any such recipes of yours in the comments section in the meanwhile.

Wanted Alive, Killer of Belly Fat: The Fiber Story

In this article you’ll learn about the benefits of fiber to kill belly fat. You’ll discover numerous methods to help you lose that unsightly, debilitating belly fat.

Sugar Craving “Cures” That Just Don’t Work

Suggestions of all kinds exist for eliminating sugar cravings. Because many of them treat the cravings as purely mental or behavioral, the advice might be ineffective. This article looks at several of those suggestions and why they might not help what is actually a neurochemical phenomenon.

How To Avoid Unlabeled GMO Foods And Any Other Unhealthy Substance

If you want to know if genetically modified ingredients, or any other unhealthy substances are in the foods you eat, and are tired of waiting for laws to be passed that force the labeling of foods that contain GMO ingredients, you should consider learning to dowse. What Is Dowsing And How Dowsing Came To Be In our creator’s infinite wisdom, he gave man an amazing ability to help insure his survival. He gave us the ability to dowse for water which is essential for sustaining life.

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