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Vitamins and Minerals for Youth Athletes

Vitamins and minerals serve hundreds of functions in the human body. Our body needs them. Fortunately, vitamins and minerals are found in almost every food you eat. Do you get enough nutrients in the food you eat to support the demands of training and competition? The key is to eat enough (both for calories and vitamins and minerals) and to make healthy choices along the way for your snacks and meals. You may need to eat more servings than normal from each of the four food groups to get enough energy and vitamins and minerals to support your training. Athletes need to pay special attention to the following nutrients:

Abs of Steel – Here’s a Quick Way If You Want to Work!

There is no magic pill that that can get you six pack abs in a week. You have to be committed to working hard to achieve your goal. New medical studies indicate that those who carry excess weight around their middle have more of a risk of heart disease and stroke. Not only will you look good but you will be healthier too.

4 Week Focus on Weight Loss for Health

Over the next four weeks I’m going to concentrate on the 4 main tips I find work best in my nutrition clinic. Weight loss is a subject that many of my clients face – either directly or indirectly. Some want to loose weight due a different health issue such as care for Arthritis, managing their heart health or reducing cancer risk.

The Stone Age Diet: Free of Gluten and Processed Foods

Designated the “world’s most healthiest diet” by paleo enthusiasts (“paleo” is shortened from “paleolithic”), the stone age diet is free of both gluten and processed foods (including refined and artificial sugars). What are the possible benefits of following the paleo diet?

Food Supplements – Boosting Your Nutritional Requirements

People should be informed properly about the real properties and benefits of health food supplements. Common medical definitions of these nutritional supplements are provisions meant to augment a person’s diet and supply nourishing substances such as vitamins.

Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Here I discuss Mike Geary’s Truth About Six Pack Abs review ebook and program. If you’re looking for long-lasting results…

How To Strengthen The Immunity System

A person who has a weak immune system is highly susceptible to get sick frequently with flu, cold and other minor infections. We agree that antibiotics have proved to be magical drugs but their excess usage causes more harm than good.

Mother Always Knows Best

It is likely that you have heard the words, “mother knows best” when you were growing up, or you may have even heard it just recently. From getting into squabbles with a younger sibling when you are younger to some life-changing advice those three little words have rang in your ears at one point or another. In an article published by Yahoo, endorsed by the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association suggest that strategic use of artificial sweeteners could cut down on added sugars showing beneficial signs from a reduced calorie intake resulting in a lower…

Amino Acids and Proteins: What Are They? What Do They Do?

Proteins are made up of chains of amino acids. Proteins are multi-tasking nutrients; they help cells to grow, repair and maintain themselves as well as being a major component of skin, muscles, nails, bone, hair and teeth. Enzymes and hormones are made of proteins and they help in many of the chemical processes in the body. Protein intake in one’s diet is important as not all the proteins we need to maintain our health are made in the body.

Maca Side Effects

Interested in taking Maca root and in potential Maca Side Effects? Read this article for an expert take on the complete side effects from taking Maca.

How Much Calcium Should You Have Each Day?

Our calcium requirements vary during the different stages of our lives, but calcium is always essential every day. When you don’t absorb enough calcium through your food, your body extracts the necessary amount from your bones, in order to maintain healthy heart and muscle function. This article explains how your calcium requirements change throughout your life, and how you can incorporate suitable foods into your diet.

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