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Healthy Eating – Four Delicious Ways To Serve Greek Yogurt

As you strive to get more protein into your daily diet, one food source you will not want to overlook is Greek yogurt. This particular yogurt is not only an excellent source of quality protein, but it is also going to provide some calcium as well. Best of all, you will find Greek yogurt can satisfy your craving for something creamy when you want it. This said some people make the mistake of opting for a fruit flavored version which, while it may taste good, is riddled with added sugar. For best overall health benefits you will want to opt for the plain version and add flavor to it yourself or get creative in how you are using it.

Get Complete Proteins With Foxtail Millets

Millets are small seed grasses widely grown as cereal crops or as fodder for animals. Because millets have a short growing season, they can withstand dry and high-temperature conditions yet yield well. They are mostly cultivated in semi-dry areas of Asia and Africa.

Heathy Eating – Five Signs Your Calorie Intake Is Too Low

As you go about your fat loss diet plan, you know taking in fewer calories is a must, but if you reduce your calorie intake too much, that can also cause problems. Not only will you be setting yourself up for nutritional deficiencies because you are not getting as much nutrient-dense food in your day, but you may also be suffering from a sluggish metabolic rate as a result of it. The good news is if you catch the warning signs early, you can do something about this and get back on track to eating more and seeing better results.

5 Essential Foods for Runners

Any runner or other active person should be eating foods that help their all-round fitness, as well as improving energy and recovery. A well planned diet should include quality carbohydrates to fuel the muscles, a good source of healthy fats, lean protein, and fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

6 Useful Foods for Healthier Skin

Certain foods and nutrients have been shown to be very useful for promoting healthier skin. By eating the right foods, it is possible to see significant improvements in relation to acne, wrinkle reduction, and all-round radiance.

Healthy Eating – What To Consider When Choosing a Protein Bar

If you are at all supplement savvy where your nutrition program is concerned, chances are you have come across a protein bar or two. These are very popular right now and can make for an excellent way to help improve your protein intake and fuel your day. But, if you are not careful, the protein bar you choose will not be much more than a glorified chocolate bar. How can you be sure the one you decide on is going to deliver the results you are after?

Favorite Food Makeover: Banana Pudding

When you want to lose weight fast, but you want to do it the healthy way, you need a customized approach that will continue to work over time. It helps to know how to integrate foods you love to eat, tailoring a meal plan that you can stick to.

Reasons To Eat More Almonds This Summer

Nutritionists and healthy snackers are in love with the super delicious and crunchy nuts. The health benefits of noshing the almonds. You can count them all easy while having tempting foods or simply having them as a healthy snack option to alleviate your body in a much more real way.

Eating A Handful Of Almonds May Prevent Major Health Problems

Almonds are undoubtedly the popular nut all over the world. It is the true nutritional powerhouse, which you can eat as a healthy snack when your hunger pangs distract you from doing the work.

Can My Client’s Screw-Ups Help You?

Mistakes that we learn from are beneficial. Here are three mistakes made by a recent nutrition client to help you avoid them and get the results you want.

How To Reduce Bloating Naturally

We’ve all dealt with belly bloating at some point or another, and for a majority — bloating is a symptom that you deal with regularly. Finding the cause of the constant bloating is most certainly of high priority, so that you may stop the bloating for good, but in the meantime, here are a few of my favourite natural ways to kick the belly bloat. • Lemon Water.

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