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What’s In A Raw Food Diet Plan?

If you plan to eat a raw food diet, it helps to have a diet plan. A balanced raw diet is one that is 75% or more raw and developing a plan will help you to stay on track with your eating and succeed in your diet. Here are some tips for making a raw food diet plan and a raw food sample menu.

Best Masticating Juicers

In my mind, I always thought a juicer was a juicer, is there such a thing as the best juicer? And if there is, what makes a juicer the worst juicer then? I have been reading a lot online about this and am trying to figure out what are the Best masticating juicers and why?

10 Health Reasons for Going Vegan

Nutrition is not very big in medical school, we teach doctors and nurses how to treat the symptoms of diseases more so than the diseases themselves. We push pharmaceuticals. I went vegan when I saw the conditions 98% of farmed animals are kept in, from there, I became exposed to many truths which are in conflict with my medical training. I have begun to question the ethics of what I do for a living.

Healthy Eating – Recipes That Can Help Improve Your Health

Eating healthy goes a long way. Using certain recipes will help keep your body healthy.

Opposites Attract – (Skinny-Fat)

Being thin does not equate to good health. While heavier people are generally at a higher risk, thinner people should not assume they are immune to health issues.

My Journey In Sports Nutrition

Back in 2004, I just started to work full-time having received my first ever pay cheque I promptly signed up at my local gym. I really had no idea what I was doing, I had never been in a gym before so the free personal training sessions they offered really did help to get me going. The first few weeks were pretty tough going, constant aches and fatigue, not surprising I now realise I had been doing too much too soon. When lifting weights, especially in bodybuilding, the fibres in the muscle stretch and can tear (especially if you go too heavy too quick).

Why Juicing Vegetables Causes Indigestion?

If you are a newbie in the world of fruits and vegetables, you will need some information about them to reap all the benefits. Take for instance vegetable juicing. Your first glass of freshly juiced veggies probably left you cringing, and you might have made up your mind never to have it again.

The Low Down on Artificial Sugars

Do you use them? Do you think they are better than regular sugars? Here’s information to show these are not as healthy for you as regular sugar and the 1 alternative that just may be.

Effective Ways To Manage Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism has become the trend that a lot of people got hooked to and most likely, this is because of the benefits that come with healthy lifestyle modification. More and more people have gained greater consciousness at the thought of establishing good health and vegetarianism has somehow became the worthy choice that can offer the nutrition and wellness that a lot of people aspire for.

The Side Effects of Artificial Sweeteners

Products that are labeled zero calories are not that promising. It’s true. There are no calories in them but to make them taste as good as they are, substitutes are added. Artificial sweeteners that come with side effects are included in the ingredients. They have to be, to redeem the flavor. Otherwise, the products will end up too awful to be a delight.

The Best Food for Antioxidants

If you’re looking for an antioxidant to include in your meal, try goji berries. You can’t go out there and expect to be defended well from certain radicals that are intended to do nothing else but attack the immune system. What you want is to be prepared and what better aid to have than a berry.

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