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Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss – Simple Tips and Advice on What You Should Be Eating

When you look at statistics, you will find that obesity is currently sweeping the globe at an alarming rate. Over 1 billion adults are classed as overweight while 300 million are classed as obese according to the World Health Organization. It’s a scary figure that needs to be changed, but that is not going to happen overnight.

Paleo Diet Meal Plan: Your Road Map to Health

Just having a goal of eating healthier alone doesn’t mean a thing, you need a plan, you need to take action. The Paleo Diet Meal Plan is your road map to effortless weight loss, restful sleep and more energy.

Vitamins and Minerals: The Reality Show

Two studies last week raised worries about the safety of vitamin supplements. Are vitamins and minerals dangerous?

4 Easy Tips to Mastering the Caveman Diet

4 super easy tips that will help make the caveman diet work for you. This is will make the caveman diet easy for everyday people, along with world-class athletes!

Unrefined Sugar Vs Refined Sugar

Brown sugar, white sugar, raw sugar (unrefined) sugar cubes… there are so many types of sugar that you do not know what to choose. Learn the difference between refined and unrefined sugar!

Is Fish Oil Healthy?

Recently there is a lot of buzz on the effects of fish oil on the human body. The benefit of such an essential fatty acids which is contained within the fish oil is tremendous and has become a research topic for scientists, who are calling it the miracle of the 21st century. But do we have any idea of what exactly are these fish oils and what they consist of and most important why are they good for us?

Lactose Free Milk

How to get rid of lactose intolerance by consumption of lactose free milk instead of normal dairy milk? Information on milk that is lactose free and lactose reduced plus information on milk substitutes.

Are You Eating Frankenbutter?

Why are you choosing processed vegetable oil spreads over pure, clean, natural butter? Vegetable oil spreads are made with pro-inflammatory polyunsaturated fats (PUFA’s) like, canola and soybean oil? Many spreads also contain trans-fats (hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil), but claim to be trans fat free.

Foods That Raise Cholesterol

Did your blood tests from a recent physical tell you that you have high cholesterol? There are several categories of foods to avoid if you have problems with cholesterol. Perhaps you know the foods that are fatty should generally be avoided. In general, the most blamed fats are saturated and trans fats. So do not hesitate to carefully read labels on products you buy at the supermarket, to make educated buying decisions.

Beauty With Honey: A Cheap and Healthy Alternative to Commercially Produced Cosmetics

Honey is more than a just a food or a natural medicine. From ancient times it has been used by people to enhance their natural beauty and obtain a younger and healthier aspect. Honey based cosmetics are highly appreciated and widely used.

Green Tea Benefits: Discover the Health Secrets of the Most Popular Beverage in the World

Tea is the most-consumed beverage in the world next to water. The extract of green tea is rapidly becoming the main ingredient in diet pills. You can smell the aroma and sip on a cup of this freshly steeped tea, or experience its miracles through a dietary supplement. Let’s learn about green tea benefits and the powers it has to combat disease.

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