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Water For Your Health

Are you drinking enough water to replenish your body’s supply in order to keep you healthy? Did you know that the average adult body is made up of about 70% water?

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition to Maximize Athlete Training

According to the newest research, pre workout nutrition has been found to be more important than the post workout meal. The food categories that should makeup the bulk of the food you eat and the timing of them will make a big difference in the overall results of training. The quantity of carbohydrates and protein to be eaten are calculated based on body weight and not a one size fits all mentality. With differences in the type of activities played and differences in human physiology, this article should be taken as a general guideline. A more fully developed eating plan can be developed with this information as its basis.

Bad Food Is a Myth

The thing about labeling food as “good” or “bad” is that we then absorb that judgment upon consumption. We consider ourselves “good” when we eat foods we perceive as being “good” for us. We say, “It’s been a bad day,” when we eat foods we perceive as being “bad” for us. This can be unhealthier than just consuming food that isn’t beneficial to our well-being.

Fats Aren’t Created Equal

We are not helping others by judging them. We are not helping others by focusing on their weight instead of focusing on their heart. Instead of looking at what’s going on the outside, let’s start taking a peek at what’s on the inside.

Tricks to Stick To Your Diet When Eating Out

Most of us, at some point in our lives, eat out. According to the National Restaurant Association, Americans eat out approximately four times a week and the US spend about $1 billion a day on eating out alone. Some people eat out because they don’t enjoy cooking.

Sources of Protein – What Should You Eat?

Quality nutrition is just as important as the exercise that you put your body through. Exercise is the spark, nutrition is the fuel. In combination, the two will transform your body as it recreates itself. Your body will replace ALL of its cells over the course of a year. Without proper nutrition, you will be missing the building blocks of what your body needs. Listed below are the sources of protein from animals and their by-products only.

Five Simple Ways to Get More Protein Into Your Diet!

For whatever reason, it seems that when someone starts to focus on their food, and eating better… protein tends to fall by the wayside, when in reality, it should be one of the biggies that make your plate first. Read more…

Buying Vitamins Online Can Be What You Are Looking For

You need nutrients that can only be provided through vitamins. These vitamins can be bought online. You don’t need the frustration of driving in traffic to find the vitamin shop. You can buy vitamins online.

Impact of The “60 Minutes” Connection Between Sugar and Our Most Common Health Problems

The April 2012 “60 Minutes” story about the growing evidence of the link between consumption of sugar and some of our most prevalent health problems, promised to start an important new dialogue on what actually constitutes nutritious eating. As 2012 turns into 2013, the author at looks changes she has noted in people, what the future holds for further discoveries about the harmful effects of sugar, and provides some practical suggestions to get on the better path away from eating processed sugars.

Do I Need Nutritional Supplements?

There seems to be a constant debate on the subject of nutritional supplements. Can we get our nutrients from the foods we eat or can’t we? The following article will help you decide once and for all.

How Much Sugar Should We Eat?

Are you looking to quit sugar and take control of your life? The typical Standard American Diet can include up to 1 cup of added sugar per day, and this is causing a health crisis. So how much sugar should I be eating per day?

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