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When and Why Should You Take Weight Lifting Supplements?

The most important question is: do weight lifting supplements really work? And do you need to consume these supplements to build muscles? The answer to this question is not a definitive one, but it would be much better to say that a balanced combination of nutritious food and right supplements can do the trick.

Can You Eat Healthy At Chipotle?

In this article, I tell you how I’ve learned to keep the “Chipotle experience” as part of a healthy, nutritious diet in order to get in top shape through workout programs like P90X. I give two Chipotle meal examples with a breakdown of their nutritional content to prove my point.

Ultimate Superfoods?

A healthy diet is known to protect you from chronic disease. Experts have come to believe that what you put into your body has a significant impact on longevity, if you get one disease over another, or none at all, and how you age.

The 7 Keys to an Ultra Metabolism

Metabolism… we have all heard about it. But do we really know what it is, how to maximize it to lose weight and be healthy to reach our ideal bodies? There are 7 key things to know in learning how to do this. Find out what they are and exactly what they mean for your health & wellness.

Why Prebiotic Fiber Is Essential For Your Digestion And Overall Health

When I was young my parents always emphasised the need to eat plenty of fibre. They said this for a very good reason, because eating a diet high in dietary fibre is essential to a healthy digestion. One of the most important types you can take is prebiotic fiber.

Foods That Lower Cholesterol Fast

There are some specific foods that lower cholesterol fast and that you can take to improve your overall health. If you want to reduce your bad cholesterol levels then you will want to improve your diet and your lifestyle. You should increase your physical activities and also reduce your stress levels as a good complement of eating foods that lower cholesterol.

Natural Trans Fats, Not So Dangerous After All

Here’s an intriguing finding. Natural trans fats that are found as a part of beef, pork, lamb, milk and butter are rather different from the more dangerous, artery clogging industrial trans fats made by man and added to a wide variety of foods to help enhance their shelf life.

Low Cholesterol Food List

Paying attention to your cholesterol levels is something that cannot be neglected or overlooked. Your health is a very important topic and taking care of what you eat is also a priority when it comes to good health. A good low cholesterol food list will help you to achieve a better health condition and it is a good guide for a good healthy low cholesterol diet.

Low Cholesterol Diet Food List – Foods To Lower Cholesterol

When you are on a low cholesterol diet you better have a low cholesterol diet food list handy. When you are over 25 years of age you should be paying more attention to your cholesterol levels. The problem is that as we get older our body´s capability to fight bad cholesterol diminishes significantly over the years. Our metabolism also slows down. According to many nutritional experts that have studied the field of a low cholesterol diet, the best idea to follow a good low fat diet is to have a low cholesterol diet food list.

An Overview of the Glycemic Index Diet

This article considers the Glycemic Index (GI) diet. The science behind the diet is explained, and some practical advice given.

Organic Vs. Conventional: Is Organic Food Really Better For You?

People nowadays are becoming more health conscious about the kinds of food they put into their bodies. Every year there is a steady rise in the amount of people who shift from purchasing and consuming conventional store-bought food to organically grown or raised fruits, vegetables and meat products. The organic vs. conventional debate has been going on for some time.

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