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Magnesium Citrate – How It Can Help Dealing With Constipation

Constipation is not a disease but a temporary condition. Eating the right foods can help you deal with this condition.

The One Thing You Must Remove From Your Diet

Sugar, the refined sugar as we most often think of or table sugar, is actually a combination of fructose and glucose (or also known as sucrose), and the body processes the two differently. Fructose goes to the liver and almost immediately is turned to fat. Glucose however is metabolized by the cells in your body.

How to Beat Fatigue With Food – Some Important Ideas!

Life is pretty stressful for most people nowadays. We are constantly juggling working, taking care of a household and raising children and sometimes it seems like there is little time for a break, little time to rest and recharge. Many of us are suffering from major fatigue. But fatigue does not only have to do with busy schedules, fatigue is also a symptom of poor diet and not enough exercise.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Wheatgrass in Your Diet

It is no secret that wheatgrass juice has many health benefits. You may be wondering however just how healthy it is and what separates it from other fruits and vegetables. In this article I came up with what I found to be the top 10 health benefits of wheatgrass.

What Is a Masticating Juicer and Why Would You Want One?

There are two main types of juicers, masticating and centrifugal. This article will explain what a masticating one is, how it works and why you might choose to use this type of juicer in your home.

Rave Diet

The Rave Diet is an eating plan that encourages a plant based diet. The authors research indicates that the plant based eating plan will enable people to avoid and reverse some serious diseases because of the nutrition provided from plants as opposed to animals. The Diet also encourages people not eat vegetable oils and refined foods.

The Reasons You Should Be Eating Apples

Apples can be a very fulfilling snack and are tasty on top of that, but there are also many reasons why apples should be added to your diet. Apples are very beneficial for your health. Here is a list of reasons apples are good for you.

Water Filter Systems And Their Operation Can Affect Your Health

Making a wise choice from among the many water filter systems on the market should be influenced by health concerns. Some systems are essential for folks with fragile healthy, whereas many need only a simple water filter.

Change Your Eating Habits for a Better You

Lifestyle demands and its influences extend to the “sandwich generation”. If you can identify with this group of individuals, you are likely to be middle-aged and are probably at the peak of your career, sandwiched between caring for your own adult or teenaged children, your aging parents and meeting the demands of work. Managing all of these tasks are linked to your own health and mortality.

First World Malnutrition and How to Battle It

When you hear the word malnutrition, do you picture starving children and adults in some poor Third World country? If so, you are not alone. The term “First World” malnutrition has been referenced as our current state of health.

Juice Fasts: Do They Work? Are They Healthy?

There has been a lot of hype around juice fasting recently, but do they actually work? More important, are they healthy? There are a number of different versions of juice fast and each has it’s own pros and cons. This article discusses different approaches and their health benefits. It also provides the reader with 5 tips for getting the most out of almost any juicing experience.

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