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General Guide to Healthy Dieting

The principles that govern healthy dieting need to be understood for it to be easier for one to be convinced to determine what goes to their bellies and what shouldn’t. Both written and natural principles that have been used since time immemorial exist. Understanding the twist of events in history followed by scientific facts offer the best guide

Do You Chew, or Do You Smoothie?

Could satiety — the feeling that we don’t need to eat more food for a while — be increased simply by chewing our food longer and more thoroughly? This article explores the connection between satiety and chewing, food textures, hormones and more.

5 Healthy Ingredients You Can Start Using Right Now

Tired of everyone giving advice on what you should and shouldn’t eat? Do you want easy to find, easy to use ingredients that make you healthier? Look no further!

Jack LaLanne’s Diet and Exercise Routine

DIET: He ate only two meals a day. The first meal was at 11am after the workout and the second around 7pm usually at a cafe with his wife. His breakfast consisted of…

Our SALT Addiction

Table salt or sodium chloride is a mineral mined from salt deposits in the earth. Sea salt, considered healthier by some, is procured through evaporation, but has the same basic sodium value. The side effects are similar in both sources.

The War On The War On Carbs

Carbs have been taking a beating lately that’s for sure. I say that all that negative attention just isn’t fair. So, here is my war on the War on Carbs!

The Revised Eatwell Plate

In March saw the re launch of the revised eatwell plate published by Public Health England. Various changes were made due to the media interest in sugar, but also due to recent studies published by National Diet a Nutrition Survey, into the recommendations needed to reduce the obesity epidemic, that is currently happening in the United Kingdom.

Spring Forward With Fruits and Vegetables

Now that you’ve finished up the big meal from the Spring holiday, let’s get the folks who strayed from their best laid “healthy” eating plan back on track. In this season of fresh tender vegetables and richly flavored fruits, these food groups come with plenty of the right stuff. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables are an aid in maintaining good health.

Try One New Healthy Meal Every Week

One of the main causes for excessive weight gain is due to the food choices made on a regular basis. If you often visit fast food spots, restaurants, or order home pizza delivery, then you will likely consistently have issues trying to tackle the weight loss issue since those meals generally provide far too large of potions for one single meal. When you’re truly ready to start changing your nutrition around, one of the best ways to get a strong handle this is to try a new healthy meal every week at home. When you’re attempting to change your nutrition in order to eat in a more healthy manner, it’s important you break out of your normal routine.

Wait, Don’t Leave The House! Do You Have Food and Snacks With You?

Sticking with healthy nutrition when you’re away from home can be tough. This is particularly difficult if you leave the house without any food and snacks in your possession. If you’ve made the commitment to improve your health and lose weight, then your daily nutrition is what is going to get you to successfully accomplish this goal. Instead of making the weight loss process more difficult than it needs to be, give yourself an edge by ensuring every time you leave your house for work or to run errands, you have sustenance for when it’s time to eat.

How Many Calories Are There in Beer, Wine and Liquor?

A nice glass of wine or a drink fits into a healthy lifestyle, as long as it is consumed in moderation. However, drinking an alcoholic beverage even when you are on a diet or trying to lose weight? Although in general, it can be said that a drink such as wine or cider contains fewer calories than stronger drinks such as rum or whiskey, the amount here is still significant. The total amount of calories therefore not only depends on the type of beverage, but also on the amount.

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