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Ten Challenges of Getting Old – They Can Be Minimized!

There are no doubt many challenges in the aging process. We don’t need to know the ‘why’s’ of aging nor understand all the processes that are happening to our bodies and our minds. We should however, be aware that changes are happening and more importantly, if there is any way to minimize or alleviate the effects of aging. I do not mean trying to magically reverse the aging process or search for the proverbial ‘fountain of youth’ in a pill. I mean that we should be trying to maximize and make use of the abilities we have at our present age so that we can enjoy what we have, while we have it. There are also things we can proactively do to prolong our health and wellness – here are 10 challenges of aging and how they can be minimized by healthy lifestyle choices.

Is Your Health And Wellness Really That Important To You? Then Do Something About It!

It is easy to talk about health and wellness but difficult to do anything about it. Or, is it? Depending on your age and physical ability, going to the gym may be the answer. Just eating better may be the answer. Cutting out bad living habits may be the answer. Or, all three! But, taking a ‘magic’ pill or potion or a newly-discovered, never-seen-before, all-in-one tonic is usually not the answer. Here is a better way to help your health and wellness that is not an instant panacea but over time, rewards you with a better, healthier life.

Magnesium Benefits Insomnia, Hot Flashes, Heart Health and Bones

What qualities make magnesium such an essential mineral, required by the body for literally hundreds of its functions? One key feature of magnesium is that it’s a partner or “co-factor” with enzymes that allows them to do their work. Enzymes are energized protein molecules that initiate chemical reactions inside the cells – orchestrating life’s processes in every organ, gland, tissue and cell.

7 Reasons to Buy Your Food Locally

One of my “happy places” is the Mill City farmer’s market in Minneapolis. I love the fresh produce that changes throughout the season, the fresh cut flowers for my table, the frozen wild-caught Alaskan salmon from Wild Run Salmon, the flour from Sunrise Flour Mill, and fresh prepared foods from Spoon River or Chef Shack. The smells, the flavors and the people all make a visit to the market one of my favorite things to do on a summer Saturday morning.

Significance Of Vitamins In Our Diet

Many times, we may have experienced the excruciating body ache, weariness, fatigue, tenderness after complicated workout regimen and more symptoms that force us to think if there is anything wrong in our body. These symptoms are not too alarming, but we face them in our day to day life as ordinary evils. Many people get used to these symptoms and take them in their stride and some people are quite alert about any changes or symptoms experienced by them and take an immediate proactive action.

You Can Remain Healthy and Still Enjoy a Good Social Life

Eating right and looking after your bodies is not an 8 month plan or a year plan, it should be your lifestyle; a habit. Following a healthy lifestyle from an early age is going to make a huge difference on how you look when you are older.

Keeping a Healthy Body With The Right Food

Food is fuel and medicine. It is very important avoid food that is not good for you. Depending on what you’re eating, food can save your life and prevent you from developing chronic diseases or cause the diseases. There are ways to get the right amount of everything thing your body needs to survive and prosper, even if you don’t have the time or appetite.

Fabulous Native Foods Nutrition: Hearts Of Palm, Banana Stem, Salak And Sago Palm Fruits

The core of the coconut and banana trees is a gastronomic treat and can be harvested for food. Situated right at the top and in the middle of the coconut tree, the latter will survive even if the palm heart is taken out, provided the tree has multiple stems. In addition, the banana pith resembles that of the coconut in many ways; in terms of their appearance, preparation for food, and health benefits. On the other hand, the salad fruits that grow at the base of the salak palm, are eaten as supplementary foods with many health benefits. Further, the green fruits of yet another palm, the queen sago, are excellent for making a fine flour for making bread. These native whole foods can spur on a flagging appetite as they are basically good, honest, real-tasting food.

Diet for Active People

Active people’s diet should be selected with the object of maintaining an optimum expenditure of energy… As with extensive exercises and heavy breathing many free radicals are generated, it is sensible to eat a diet rich in antioxidants.

Benefits Of Meal Replacement Shakes

Losing weight is like a big task for many people. If you are one of those striving hard to achieve a fitness goal, meal replacement shakes are for you. They work as a substitute for solid food but with fewer calories.

Fresh Herbs In Healthy Tossed Salads Of Andre Rochat, Patricia Wells and Giada De Laurentiis

It is important for a chef to concoct a salad dressing that can stand up to a combination of herbs without overpowering the flavors of all the whole food salad ingredients. In a fresh herb and vegetable salad by Andre Rochat, he uses a grand total of 8 fresh herbs of varying flavors, and 3 whole food ingredients. A simple olive oil dressing is livened up by stronger flavored condiments to stand up to the combined flavors of all the herbs. In yet another fresh herb salad, Patricia Wells uses only 5 herbs and a dressing of highly flavored olive oil is all there is to it. In addition, the fresh herb salad of Giada De Laurentiis, uses 5 herbs and pairs them with a leafy green and tossed in a specially blended olive oil dressing. Of the herbs used for a fresh herb salad by the 3 chefs, they avoid using 2 strong flavored herbs together at any one time; while they may use 2 to 4 types of the medium or delicate flavored herbs. All fresh herbs, however, must be chopped very fine. Most importantly, herbs is a deliciously healthy way to replenish your body’s supply of antioxidants.

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