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6 Dietary Changes to Make First

The thought of “eating healthier” can be overwhelming when you’re not even sure where to begin. Here are 6 key dietary changes you can make first for the greatest impact on your health.

A Step By Step Guide How To Use A Calorie Counter On Your Smartphone

Since there are usually three main meals of the day along with a variety of snacks tossed in here and there, one of the best and easiest ways to get control over all this is by using a FREE calorie counting app or website. This makes sense because the food we choose is one of the reasons for weight gain in the first place. When it comes to losing weight, 75% of the entire process is your diet and nutrition. Here’s a step by step guide how you can immediately get started using a calorie counting app for your smartphone.

Why Great Food Makes a Great You

This article covers how you can change how you eat to: lose weight and prevent weight gain; increase your energy; delay aging and look younger; increase your immunity so that you do not get sick; fight cancer; boost your mental power; detox your body; lessen/rid yourself of stress; decrease inflammation and pain; strengthen your heart; prevent and improve diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol; boost your sex life; and live longer and better. Food can help you do all these things. Because food ultimately becomes you. You are what you eat and drink.

Nutrition, Weight and Pain: Surprising Foods That Hurt and Pack on the Pounds

Nutrition is an integral part of our health and well being. It has become complex because our food supply has changed, how much we eat, additives, preservatives, processing and genetic modification make food ingestion a chemical science with our bodies being the laboratory.

Fasting: A Fast Way to Lose Weight?

Intermittent fasting is big news lately. But does it really work for weight loss and antiaging? Here, I look at the studies.

Drastic Weight Loss – Tips On How You Can Get The Weight Loss Success You Desire

It is important that you need to be reasonable in your planning to lose weight. Do not be coaxed easily to the plans and programmes that deem popular on the market which claim to have the best way to lose weight. Design a weight loss plan that works for you by using the guidelines from authority and reliable sources. By combining diet and exercise, you’ll be able to lose weight and keep it off effectively.

Family Planning and More Tips for Young Lovers

When you first start having sex this is an undoubtedly highly exciting and magical time. You’ll not only get to experience one of the most pleasurable and intense experiences that life has to offer, but you’ll also be able to feel much closer to your partner than you ever have before and to really express your love.

3 Steps To Stop Eating Junk Food

Is too much junk food in your diet stopping you from getting in better shape? Here are some tips on how to stop eating junk food so you can more easily start losing weight.

What You Need to Know About Threelac

Below we are going to consider the probiotic treatment Threelac. It is extremely popular and said to help improve over health. It is a natural supplement that introduces friendly bacteria to the digestive tract with the aim of improving digestion, and consequently improving the efficiency of the body. People who take Threelac tend to feel healthier and have more energy.

Is Organic Better?

Nutrition is such a confusing and controversial topic. There are so many fads and fallacies that keep people stuck or flitting from one magic bullet to the next. I study the literature and in my practice I observe the effects different foods have on people’s health. The controversy over food is and will continue to be ongoing. Eating habits are one of the hardest things for people to change.

Battling Fatigue for Better Exercising – Avoid the Quick-Fix

Our overstressed lifestyles often put us into states of fatigue, and even thinking about going out and putting in a lot of energy at the health club can be daunting. If we listen to advertisers, we probably grab one of the energy drinks for a quick-fix. But they have come under fire lately, including from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and we think there are better ways to fight fatigue, even if they are a little more long-term.

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