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Chemicals Are Killing Our Bee Population!

The dying and disappearance of honey bees has an ecological, economic and political implication. This is not just happening in some of the western countries, this is a problem worldwide. In one of my articles published some time ago I made this point: “The Honey Bees Are Dying – Do We Need Them?” Even in this short space of time the situation has worsen and is accelerating its momentum on a path of distraction to our honeybee population. Ecologically: Not only to the honey – bee population, this has been a concern of the damage done over years to many of surroundings through spraying of herbicides and pesticides. On the economic site of all this is to make big profits and the greed for money but not considering the consequences and damage they have created over the past and will in to the future. Implications of political correctness is always incorrect and is failing to show its correctness. Governments are most of the time on a go slow when it comes to take prompt action to solve an urgent problem.

The Easy Guide to Gaining Weight

While a lot of people face trouble trying to lose weight, there are many who need to put on weight. They are either too skinny or too fragile. This article will help you know how to plan a diet that will help you build a fuller body.

3 Simple Strategies to Stop Sugar Cravings

It’s no secret how alluring sugar is. From pastries to candies to cookies, and even sauces and condiments, it tops the list of favorite food ingredients, and for obvious reasons – it tastes good! Yet it’s nearly single-handedly launching an all-out war on humanity, creating intense blood sugar swings that require more sugar to stabilize, not to mention making millions of American fat, ugly and sick.

The Trick to Reading Nutrition Labels

Reading the nutrition labels on food packages can help you to make healthy choices. However, many consumers are misreading these labels and mistakenly buying foods high in sugar and fat. Learning how to properly read nutrition labels means no more wasteful spending and no more unwanted calories.

Types of Soy You Should Avoid

Did you know that there may be soy in your favorite hamburger or chocolate bar? Soy additives are commonly used in many food products, but may not be as healthy as you think.

4 Reasons to Skip Fast Food

These are four useful facts I tell people who want to dip through the local fast food joint. It is no longer about ignorance of the subject matter, the information is prevalent. It is now ignorance of the individual.

Top 5 Nutrient Killers

One of the most important steps to improving your health and slowing the aging process is to avoid or eliminate those things in your life that deplete your body of vital nutrients. This article will help you to identify the ways you may be doing more harm to your body than good.

In Defense Of Salt, Sugar And Fat: Chemicals Are The Culprit

Salt, sugar and fat have become buzz words but chemicals are the bigger problem. Unnatural ingredients create unnatural appetites. Don’t be a victim of science. Drop unwanted weight by changing your food selection criteria. Choose Mother Nature’s finest. Eat food as it is found in nature. You won’t need expensive eye cream because you won’t wake up with swollen puffy eyes. You’ll be able to afford organic food because you won’t be wasting your money on junk food or buying more food than you need.

RAISINS – A Healthy Diet for Hypertension and Diabetes

Raisins are dehydrated grapes with wrinkled, fleshy and sugary skin. They are easy to carry, easy to store and easy to eat with exceptionally high nutritional qualities. This high energy – low fat dried fruits have been consumed extensively since prehistoric times. Recent research focused on the effect of raisin intake on blood glucose and insulin response suggests potential health benefits of raisins.

Beef Up the B! The Health Benefits of Vitamin B6

Are you striving towards personal health goals like happiness, longevity or weight loss? If so, then you should definitely take a moment to check out the health benefits of vitamin B6-this nutrient could be a game changer in your efforts to stay physically and mentally fit. Vitamin B6 is a nutrient that is water soluble; this means that it is flushed out of the body on a daily basis and thus it needs to be re-introduced to the body on the daily basis.

Pre/Post Workout Meals: The Real Bodybuilder

Food and the nutrition associated with it encompasses such an essential aspect of human existence, so much so that one cannot do without it. A similar case scenario occurs during the opening and closing of an exercise regime which are popularly called pre and post workout meals.

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