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The Various Types of Healthy Foods for Heart Patients

If you wish to improve the condition of your heart it is vital that you should eat different types of healthy food items. Popular foods that are best for heart patients include whole grains, raisins, tomatoes, apples and pomegranates.

Plant-Based Diet: Practical Tips for Meal Planning

It is not a rocket science to do meal planning on plant-based diet. Follow those practical steps and easy tips for a balanced and satisfying menu.

For a Healthy Lifestyle a Detox Diet Is Essential

Because most of today’s foods are full of extreme chemicals such as preservatives, dyes, and flavourings, they can cause allergic reactions. Many foods being refined, sugared, hydrogenated and contain sulphur etc. Changes as such in the food supply have caused certain build up in our body’s immune system and liver. The word detoxification many years ago was hardly heard of, because the food was nutritious, natural and without preservatives. Eliminating processed foods and sweet beverages are the two most powerful strategies you can do in controlling your health.

Probiotics: What Are They?

Are you considering using probiotics as a supplement to better regulate your wellbeing? What is the best way to use them? What are the benefits and side effects? For these answers and more, click here.

5 Energy Boosting Foods

Never seem to have enough energy to get through the day? It may be in what you eat. Try these energy boosting foods to put more pep in your step today!

Forget Peas, Eat Your Sunflower Seeds!

Moms around the western world are stereotyped with their demand that children eat their peas, but instead of peas (which are healthy), she should have been telling kids to eat their sunflower seeds. Few foods out there offer the healthy punch that sunflower seeds do. When it comes to vitamins, sunflower seeds are jam-packed.

Healthy Snack – Simple Hummus Recipe

If you have not had the pleasure of tasting this delicious, healthy snack, you are going to be in for a surprising treat with this simple hummus recipe. This middle eastern dip derived from garbanzo beans (chick peas) is a fantastic replacement from the typical ranch dip or nacho cheese alternative which are popular when combined with their unhealthy potato chip comrades. Give it a try and see what you think.

Trying New Recipes Can Be Exciting and Healthy

If you are in a situation where you’d like to change your habits around in an effort to lose weight, one of the best ways to do that is by trying out new recipes at home. If a positive change is going to be made, it needs to first start in the kitchen. By trying new recipes not only will you get the chance to cook something healthy, but you may find new combinations you hadn’t thought of, or tried before. This can be the perfect opportunity to make those delicious looking meals you may have seen in a magazine, on a television show, or somewhere on the Internet. Heck, you may even want to splurge and purchase a recipe book from a bookstore to get directly in your hands a great number of meals you can prepare. Here’s an article addressing how exciting it can be trying out new recipes at home.

Drink Fruit Juice Regularly To Enjoy Good Health

When you drink fruit juices during the summer apart from taking fiber rich fruits, it will help you heal faster. When you take fruit juice, it has many benefits. Virtually every authority recommends a healthy intake of fruits, but if you juice them, you can enjoy the many fruit juice benefits.

Do You Use Food As A Reward?

I’m on day 5 of a juice detox. I don’t like diets and I don’t like feeling hungry. I don’t tend to have big meals but I graze through the day on small meals and healthy snacks.

Personal Care Products With Phthalates

Avoiding phthalates is an important part of staying healthy and safe. You want to make sure that your personal care products are free of this chemical, which means knowing which personal care products have it. Like other chemicals, it can become damaging to your health with continued use. While there are numerous studies out there about this, manufacturers continue to add it because it works and because there is no regulation. The only way to protect yourself is to know where to look. By removing these products from your home, you will not have to worry about using or coming into contact with phthalates.

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