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7 Healthiest Foods for Women’s Health

People love to eat, that is a natural instinct for everyone. However, a healthy food guide is essential especially for women who value health and fitness.

7 Great Ways How Coconut Oil Can Benefit Your Health

Coconut oil is seen as being a super food which has a near limitless number of health benefits not only for the outside of your body but also for the inside too. In this article you will explore 7 great ways you can use coconut oil in your every day life.

Nutritious, Easy Dips For Healthy Bread And Flatbread

The infamous white bread has one health saving feature: it helps you avoid digestive problems and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut. For example, the Hainan bread contains no artificial preservatives and is butter-free. Moreover, there are 2 types of flatbreads made from flour, water and ghee; the flat type cooked on a hot griddle; and the fluffier, puffed up kind. Then there is charcoal bread,, which contains activated charcoal known to improve your digestive health, absorb toxins and detoxify your digestive system. Indisputably, the perfect accompaniments to healthy breads are free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and other addictives. Hajer, an Iraqi chef has come up with 4 simple dips: coriander with almond and olive oil; chickpea with yoghurt and olive oil; peanut with olive oil; and beetroot with mint, yoghurt and olive oil.

Nutrition: Healthy Eating for Kids

When busy parents come home to a house full of finicky, hungry children, the local drive-through window may offer a tempting way to get dinner on the table. Yet soothing the restless natives with junk food comes with a hefty price tag.

Impact of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Brain, Retina and Heart Health

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the “good” fats present in your body that are most significant for health. These are essential fatty acids that constitute the three vital organs – brain, retina and heart. Omega-3 fatty acids get synthesised only once in your lifetime, which is during the foetal stage.

5 Easy Food Swaps For A Healthier Holiday Menu

Planning a holiday menu that is healthy isn’t hard. It may take a little more time to plan and gather healthy recipes but getting creative in the process of menu planning can be really fun. These simple food swaps might help you construct your healthy, holiday feast.

Healthy Eating – Special Greens To Add to Your Smoothie

In a perfect world, everyone would have plenty of time to prepare healthful meals, snacks and beverages from fresh ingredients each and every day of the week. For most of us, this just isn’t reality. Preparing a smoothie can be a quick and terrific way to get some good nutrition while on the run. Smoothies are fast and easy, and when you use the right ingredients, will contain a balanced mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fats. To kick start your smoothies; you might want to consider adding some greens to your blender. These will help ensure you get more fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals into your day. Which greens should you add? Let’s take a closer look at the greatest greens to add to your smoothie.

Healthy and Minty Solutions

Natural food is a great source for your health. It can also help to fight against diseases. You must take a balanced diet to remain fit and healthy.

Five Foods to Include in Your Diet for a Healthy Living

We live in a generation of fast paced life. The diet mostly comprises of fast foods like pizzas, burgers, hotdogs and more. It can prove to be a tedious task to watch your belly and set aside your valuable time for early morning exercise. Especially, workingwomen find it increasingly difficult to have a balanced life prioritising your health and work accordingly.

Water: How Much Water Is Enough?

Whether you are just learning about the importance of adequate hydration or have been a lifelong advocate of drinking water, this article will help you sort through all the confusion about what kind of water and how much. You will be able to determine how much water your specific body needs along with the different qualities of water.

Delicious Walnut Health Benefits: Advantages for Brain, Heart, Fertility

Walnuts are perhaps the most famous tree nut of all and have been named the “Healthiest of all Nuts”. They are rich in plant-based fats and are a good source of the B-vitamins and many minerals. Even though walnuts are one of the easiest foods to eat, they are also a powerful weapon against chronic diseases.

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