What gut type do you have?

Health and Fitness – Vitamin A

Are you taking good care of your body? Is it lacking in Vitamin A?

5 Tips to Improve to a Healthy Lifestyle and Lose Weight Effectively

If a person takes positive, thoughtful steps towards what will benefit his or her life, then slowly a lifestyle will emerge that is well rounded and conducive to a healthy life. Use these 5 tips for a healthy lifestyle change and start losing weight effectively.

What Your Skin Says About Your Vitamin Intake – Top 4 Skin Signals That You’re Deficient

Your skin will tell you if your diet isn’t providing a healthy level of vitamins and minerals. But can you recognize the signs? Here are the top 4 signs that your skin is not receiving enough nutrients.

How To Enjoy Better Health, High Energy Levels And Longevity

I know several old people on both my father mother’s side of the family who have enjoyed good health and lived for lengthy periods of time. Some are still alive even to this day. The oldest died in her sleep in the year 2010, a day after her hundredth birthday party.

Trusting Diet Experts

Computers and technology have made it easy to find experts advice on how to lose weight quick and stay healthy throughout your life. Following their different advice can certainly help you to be a better person these days.

Soda! Do You Really Want to Drink That? Part 1 of 2

If my cola, diet cola or orange fizzy drink were bad for me, they wouldn’t even be able to sell it, right? The FDA would never allow such a thing, and there would at least be a warning on the label, hunh!

Bone Health: Calcium

Which mineral is vital for maintaining bone health? Do you know how many vital functions calcium is needed for in the body? Approximately 30% of our total body weight is bones and calcium is made of bones. As we grow older, our bone density may lessen, so ensuring we get plenty of calcium is important to maintaining bone health.

Slimmer Summer Eating

With the first day of summer just around the corner, I started to realize just how many barbeques and delightful summer treats are up in-front of me. And with the hot summer weather, not only does good food come, but so do bikinis, strappy dresses, and shorty shorts. Before I swear off all food and drink for the rest of summer, there is a solution. You and I can still enjoy our favorite summer foods and look great in our bikinis, all it takes is a little adjustment – downsize portions and slimmer summer food options! Following is a mini nutrition guide of my favorite summer foods and how you can renovate them into a slimmer summer version!

7 Days to a Slimmer You!

Most people want results yesterday. They are constantly searching for ways to lose weight and shape up that doesn’t require a lot of work or thought. News flash, there is no magic bullet to weight loss; it takes dedication, hard work and a change of lifestyle to accomplish a dream body. In fact most of us are so preoccupied with life, that we are not even aware of the things we can easily change which will go a long way in helping us achieve long term weight loss success. So how do you make a change and get on the right track? Try this on for size; here is a 7-day slimmer you plan to make easy, healthy eating lifestyle changes for lasting weight loss results. Each day, simply implement a new strategy and by the end of the week, you will be ready to take on your weight loss with a tool kit of healthy eating habits.

Bone Health: Bones, Minerals and Vitamins

Do you know how many bones our skeletons are made of? Did you know that the smallest bone inside the body is inside the ear? Our bones have 2 major functions: one is for movement and the other is for organ protection. Bones are largely made of proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Busy As a Bee – Benefits of Bee Pollen And Bee Propolis

People everywhere talk of the weather, politics and their fatigue. It seems like there is an epidemic of fatigue in the world today. Looking for a natural solution brought me to the energetic little bee. No wonder the bee has plenty of buzz and GO energy, bee pollen is one of the most complete foods available to man.

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