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Why Should We Know How To Use Turmeric Or The Indian Haldi?

Turmeric that is commonly used in Indian cuisine has great therapeutic value. Why is it then rarely used in Western cuisine?

Revolutionize Your Relationship To Food – Here’s How To Get Real

Struggling with a growing waistline and cravings that won’t quiet down? See how this missing ingredient can change your relationship to food dramatically.

Why You Should Add Chocolate to Your Diet

Adding chocolate to your diet may be more than just a guilty pleasure. Studies have revealed that chocolate may provide protection for your nervous system, and is one of those foods that will provide healthy aging for everyone. Their naturally occurring chemicals provide many benefits to our system; probably the most beneficial being its antioxidant properties.

Soy Based Alternatives to Meat and Dairy

Centuries of conditioning from medical advisers and the food industry have led us to believe that we need meat and dairy in our diets in order to survive. The truth of the matter is that this is completely untrue, and the good news is – there are now more alternatives than ever for meat and dairy, that are both healthy and delicious.

Fish Oil Supplements – How To Select The Optimal One

Omega 3 fish oil supplements are extremely popular today, but there are many options for the public. This article covers the most important criteria people should use to select the best fish oil supplement. These criteria include the quantity of omega 3 fatty acids, form of the fish oil, how it is purified, what fish species are used for the oil in the capsules, whether it is burp-free, and quality testing standards.

Doc’s Secret: 5 Foods That Boost Your Immune System

Worried about flu season sneaking in and messing with your holidays? Find out why holistic doctor, Michael E Rosenbaum, recommends you feast on these holiday foods!

Can You Decrease Your Risk of Alzheimer’s With Diet?

Alzheimer’ disease is overtaking America in epidemic numbers, with an estimated one person in eight over the age of 65 having the affliction. As the incidence of diabetes and obesity continue to increase, Alzheimer’s is expected to spiral up during the next twenty years. Sadly for so many families of victims of this terrible disease there is no known cure, and no treatments that can truly be called effective. Drugs are currently of little or no good, but we are getting a better understanding of ways we can ward off the disease prior to it actually setting in.

Quinoa – You Should Be Eating It!

Quinoa (keen-wah), while most often touted as a grain, is actually a seed. It is more closely related to sesame seeds and chia than it is to wheat or rice. However, it is very “grain-like” and makes a great substitute for any grains in almost any dish.

18 Foods You Don’t Need To Buy Organic

Organic eating can be more expensive than eating normal, so this list of foods in this article will be a lot easier on the pocket. Plus you will be safe in the knowledge that eating these foods won’t harm your health. The list of foods below will contain the least amount of pesticide residue when compared to other healthy foods.

Growth of Contract Manufacturing in Medicine Production

Contract manufacturing has grown in leaps and bounds due to its many benefits to the tablet manufacturers. It is a lot more cost-effective and flexible to hire a contract manufacturer for the production of medicines.

Is Whey Protein an Ideal Choice?

Many people want to add protein to their diets without a lot of fat and calories. High protein diets have been shown in medical nutrition studies to enhance weight loss and lower inflammation and cholesterol. This makes protein shakes a quick, easy meal or snack without the added sugar of protein bars. The most complete, absorbable and beneficial protein is whey. It is an excellent nutrition supplement. Consider why you want to add protein to your diet as there are several types of whey proteins and each has a purpose.

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