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How Many Calories in a Grapefruit?

Grapefruits come in a variety of colors, sizes and tastes. Grapefruit can be bitter or sweet with a red, pink, white or gold pulp. Grapefruit can be peeled and eaten like an orange, cut in half and eaten with sugar sprinkled on top, cut and added to a fruit salad, baked into a tart, etc.

Whey Processing

Milk arrives at the dairy and is pasteurized to remove active bacterial cultures. Whey is a byproduct of cheese manufacturing.

Whey Filtration

Whey is a by product of cheese production. Here is a summary of how it is processed.

Making Whey

Whey is a byproduct of cheese production. It used to be considered a waste product, but now it is an industry of its own.

Black People and Vitamin D

What are the effects of a poor Vitamin D intake for Black people? Why are they more at risk? Find out here.

Super Greens Powder Benefits

As more people around the world become more mindful of their health and what goes into their bodies, you literally see (almost everywhere) new gyms popping up, more and more isles in the grocery store providing notorious (With names that are super hard to pronounce) organic foods, and people are looking way more into supplements to help them maximize their health. One of these powerful little health boosters that’s been on a meteoric rise in recent years is super greens powder, a drink mix made up of numerous leafy green vegetables, potent vitamins and minerals, and some…

What You Need to Know About Sugar

Sugar has been one of the sweetest treats for hundreds of years. Cookies, cakes, coffee and even tea have all had this simple ingredient added to sweeten things up. But over time, sugar has become a growing trend, finding its way into just about everything we eat and drink.

How Many Calories in Cherries?

There are only 4 calories (6.8 grams) in a single cherry, but who eats only one cherry?! The number of calories in cherries depends on how you have them served.

How Many Calories in an Orange?

  There are many different factors when you want to figure out how many calories in an orange. The size, shape, color, skin thickness and flavor help determine this number. It also depends if the particular orange was picked from the orchard in your backyard or if you bought it in a grocery store.

Throw Away Your Diet Book

Therapy may be helpful but your therapist may not fully understand the scope of your eating issues. Twelve-Step programs may or may not be helpful. It works for alcoholics, but it’s not quite working for you.

Prominent Facts of Calcium – II

The absorption and utilization of dietary calcium is influenced by various positive and negative factors. This article deals with the ways in which calcium absorption and utilization can be enhanced. calcium deficiency and excess is also discussed here.

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