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Salt – Pros and Cons

You’ve heard the saying ‘Is he worth his salt?’ That saying comes from when the Romans were actually paid in salt! That’s where the words ‘salary’ comes from – ‘sal’. We are now paid a ‘salary’ – all because of salt. Salt also used to be worth its weight in gold – literally!

Juicing To Help Shed the Pounds and Make Another You

You want to get a lean body and also have read that juicing is a good exercise to gain access to. One problem is basically that you know nothing about it – not even how to start. This can give beneficial information about how to find yourself in making your very own juice.

Healthy Pudding Recipes That Will Light Up Your Day

Healthy pudding is a sound alternative in meal planning. Healthy pudding is easy to make, delicious, and better for the health conscious individual. Healthy chocolate pudding is a smart addition as a dessert. Chocolate has properties, which significantly benefit the body, including flavonoids that contain antioxidants, which aid in counteracting the negative effects from free radicals that lead to arterial plaque.

A Look Inside Alternative Sweeteners – Are They Really So Bad?

Alternative sweeteners are widely used but controversial, and we regularly have colleagues and clients asking our opinion. Happy to oblige! The three most widely used sweeteners are all synthetic compounds and are much sweeter than the natural sugars they replace.

Shakeology: An Honest Review

I’ve been hearing plenty of hype about this new supplement drink called Shakeology (increased energy and regularity, reduced cravings, dissipation of certain skin conditions, etc.) and decided to give it a try myself. The following post is my candid review about my experience with Shakeology.

Fibromyalgia Treatments That Work

Fibromyalgia treatments that work are varied, as some things work better for some and less for others. Generally, medications are used to manage the pain, antidepressants to help manage depression and/or stress and often times, sleep-aids to help improve the quality of sleep on a consistent basis. It is advisable to start with the safest and lowest dose of medication possible, then work your way up if those are not effective. The less medicine the better.

Sugar, the Silent Killer!

Sugar, it is not your friend. In fact, it is your worst nightmare. I know you like it, but stop. Now. Before you get in too deep. I know you crave it, but stop. No more. And not just for now, FOREVER!

Essential Nutrients in Cognitive Performance in Aging Adults

Certain nutrients are essential for your cognitive performance. Read on to know how you suffice the lacking nutrients in your regular diet. Also find out which kinds of food do you need to avoid to keep up your mental health.

Growing Taller Secrets: How To Stick With A Healthy Diet

In this article I am going to share a little growing taller secret, one that will help you stick with a healthy diet. Your diet can be a sneaky thing when it comes to growing taller, hence you must be able to stick with it and not succumb to your old habits that prevented you from growing taller in the first place.

Healthy Fats and You

I remember years ago my mother used to give me cod liver oil to fight winter colds and flus. I also recall that at winter’s end, if I remained cold-free, she would victoriously exclaim that sickness could be battled with this simple little nutrient. How did mothers know the things they did?

The Quick and Easy Vitamin Education You Need

You probably already know that vitamins are essential for your body, but you may not know why your body must have them in order to function properly. Several diseases can occur if you are not getting the right amount of nutrients, even if you take in a sufficient amount of calories and protein. Here is a list of some vitamins that are crucial to preventing disease in your body.

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