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The Ideal Post Workout Shake or Meal – Part 1

Do you know how you respond to your post workout meal or shake? Do a quick test to find out what your ideal macronutrient ratios are, and set yourself up for sustained fat loss and muscle growth. This article will help you find out how to create your own ideal post workout shake or meal.

Suspicion Breeds Confidence

Hopefully this article will get the general audience more interested in preventing disease. Right now our watchdog government agencies allow very dangerous food products on our grocer’s shelves. Instead of asking your doctor if a certain toxic drug is right for you, learn that your health is in your hands.

How to Select Nutritional Supplements

Your diet may be short on certain important nutrients. However, supplements may not be what you expect them to be. You need to select the right nutritional supplements to complement your healthy diet, so that you don’t cancel out the nutrients. About 50% of Americans take supplements, but have of them don’t use then correctly, according to doctors.

Five Tips to Incorporate Healthy Habits in Your Busy Life

With the busy life that people lead these days, it is becoming more and more difficult to incorporate healthy habits. People seldom find time for themselves and what little time they have is spent in finishing up chores. However busy your life may be ensure that you find time to incorporate certain healthy habits. These healthy habits will influence your life in a good way and gradually you will see its benefits.

Make Your Own Nutrition Weight Loss Plan You Can Be Proud Of

Everyone has bought a meal plan or a diet. Those that have not have at least thought about it. It makes much more sense to find out how to make your own and make one that will suit you not one that will be the same for millions of people and is designed to work for most people. What if you’re not most people? Find out how it is done.

7 Reasons to Eat More Raw Foods

The notion of eating RAW foods sounds foreign… even odd… to most of us when we first hear it. When I first moved to Los Angeles and heard of eating this way, the very first thing I envisioned was sushi and steak tartare (which I tried once and thought was awful). But usually when someone is talking about raw foods, they aren’t talking about these foods at all.

Good and Sensible Digestive Health Guidelines

If there is one thing more of us living in the modern western world could use, it’s a few more definitive digestive health guidelines. Depending on a family health practitioner is too often unhelpful as far as getting advise and real care as it pertains to natural and nutritional health.

How a Fast Food Chain Put Me On a Diet For Good Digestive Health

Being what I considered a fairly health conscious guy, I wouldn’t eat at a fast food place no more than about once a month. So, there we were on a Saturday afternoon of driving around all over town getting things done. Got hungry so we went to the typical fast food joint known for it’s “golden arches”.

Why Our Diet Is Killing Our Digestive Health

Have you ever wondered why today, after all our technological advancements there is now more sickness, more new diseases, and 80% of Americans are fat and obese as opposed to under 10% around the middle of the last century? It’s interesting when you think about it. When our ancestors from a century or two ago were here, there was no obesity and virtually no fat people.

Visceral Fat and Diabetes

In the last decade, type 2 Diabetes has emerged as a worldwide health problem strictly related to obesity. Inflammation, produced by fat accumulation, has a major role in the onset of the pathology.

Proper Nutrition for an Active Lifestyle

Proper nutrition for an active lifestyle is something that is known to be important, but is not always a priority for many people. Having good nutrition while being active is essential and it means that you provide your body with the proper fuel as well as replenish your body with the correct nutrients.

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