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7 Benefits of Drinking Water You Probably Didn’t Know

We all know that drinking water is important but do you realise how vital it is for human life? Discover 7 reasons why you must start drinking more water for better health and fitness.

Arsenic in Rice: Are You Being Poisoned by the Food You Eat?

Arsenic is a known carcinogen that has found its way into our food supply. One of the main culprits is considered by many to be a health food: brown rice. Short of giving it up all together, you can minimize the negative impact of this toxin by following a few simple rules.

5 Tips to Stop Sugar Cravings – Say No to Your Sweet Tooth

Do you struggle with sugar cravings? Don’t worry there is help for the cravings. The 5 tips mentioned inside the article will save the day.

Fitness for Men and the Foods You Eat

Article focusing on Healthy Foods and Metabolism Boosting Fitness Foods for Men. The different healthy fitness foods are explained in three groups of food items. The second part focuses on unhealthy foods that should be avoided and are included in the last two groups.

Mindful Is The New Approach To Healthy: What Do You Think When You Eat?

It seems that our society has this “healthy eating” thing backwards. The moment we recognize that we want to change our eating habits we automatically focus on what we are doing wrong. What specific changes do we need to make? Should I change my grocery list? Should I clean out all snacks and restock the pantry?

7 Myths About Diets And Getting Healthy

People have specific metabolic make-ups, different lifestyles, and a unique mindset when it comes to food. A diet that worked for your coworker or neighbor may not necessarily be the best way for you to get healthier. Just as each person is unique and individual, so will be your eating style.

Top Ten Healthy Snacks for Kids

Whether they’re running, jumping, chasing, playing, dancing or just following you around asking questions, one thing is for certain – kids are always on the move! And all of that energy leads to large appetites.

Tips on Healthcare – Are You Eating Right Today for a Fitter You Tomorrow?

“Health is wealth”, this adage is of utmost significance in our life. We all work hard for a good life, but at times healthcare is ignored.

Foods That Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth whitening at the dentist or the use of home whitening kits can be, for some of us, quite difficult. In this article are presented like an alternative, the natural ways of whitening your teeth, eating regular foods.

List of Top 5 Vitamins Those Diet Food Meals Must Have

Eating healthy foods means to eat almost everything, of course excluding the oily and spicy stuffs. The aim in this is to get vitamins of many varieties which are the key to a good health.

Bodybuilders Nutrition

There are many people out there that aspire to have a body that can turn heads just by walking down the street. Some people want to be the biggest and the best while other people may only want to add just a little muscle to their body. Even so, a bodybuilder has to put in a lot of hard work and dedication. They must train hard and rest well but one of the most important parts (if not the most important) is a bodybuilders nutrition. Here are some important things to know when it comes to a bodybuilders nutrition whether you are trying to bulk up, lose fat or maintain weight and muscle.

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