TikToks To Never Show Your Doctor

Nutrition For Fitness

Your body needs energy to do work, and won’t work to burn fat and build muscle unless well supplied with nutrients. What you need to eat when adding regular exercise to your lifestyle depends on your exercise goals.

Grains Are Overrated – Really

For years, we’ve been hearing the same sad croonings from so-called “conventional wisdom”: Eat more whole grains! Multi-grain foods are nutritious! But the science behind these claims is faulty at best and a downright constructed Food and Health Industry lie at worst.

Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods

Is genetically modified food really the best thing for this world? What is the truth beyond the propaganda?

Smarter School Lunch Choices

School lunches are known for being greasy, bland and sugar rich. But it doesn’t need to be that way. There are ways to make both school lunches and bagged lunches healthy and delicious.

Green Smoothies on the Go

Drinking green smoothies is easy if you’re at home all day. Just make up a batch in the morning and you have it on hand when you need it. So what do you do when you’re out?

Find Out How To Combat Depression With a Super Food

What I am going to tell you about this specific super food is based on research and studies done by some of the foremost scientists in this area of plant nutrition and medicine. Dr James Duke author of “The Green Pharmacy” and other books on rainforest botanical medicine is one such expert who has done numerous studies on the camu camu berry. This little grape size berry that grows in the Amazon Rainforest is know to be a natural anti-depressant.

The Importance of Health and Well-Being Through Nutritional Supplementation

What is good health? Good health is simply the absence of disease. If this definition holds true, then almost all of us could not qualify for “good health” in the long run. This is because as we get older, we develop long-term illnesses such as hypertension, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Goji Berries – Great Little Creation

The Goji berry is a fairly new discovery in the health & raw food arenas. Properly known as the Wolfberry, the plant produces a bright orange-red small berry that looks a like a red pepper, it’s approximately 1-2cm long.

Organic Green Smoothies

Buying organic food is the best way to energize your body and mind. Drinking green smoothies will dramatically help you enjoy better health and be free from illnesses. Locate your nearest organic food market for great seasonal produce. You owe it to yourself, your family and the local growers to buy the best fresh, healthy, chemically free food you can find.

Weight Management = Healthy Lifestyle

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle approach in your day to day living, then weight management becomes synonymous. Healthy lifestyles that attribute to managing your weight consist of not only good eating habits, but a good regiment of exercise.

Get Effective Creatine Dosage

When creatine is supplemented on a specific schedule, it needs to be taken in a dosage that is to be absorbed by the muscles to the maximum possible levels. This helps in maintaining a high level of creatine in the muscle at all times.

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