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Learn The Truth About The Dangers Of Chemicals In Your Food

Did you know that you are consuming an incredible amount of chemicals daily in the foods that you are consuming? Have you asked yourself what ill effects will those chemicals have on your health in general? Learn about the dangers and more…

How Much Water Should I Drink Per Day

How much water should you drink a day? If you ask the majority of people, they will tell you roughly 6-8 glasses. But is this true? Lets find out…

Talking About Food Can Make You Fat

Talking? What harm can talking do? The answer is plenty! Can you discuss or read about fattening foods without thinking about them? Ok, CAKE! What image popped into your mind?

Food Combining – 4 Benefits From Better Digestion

There is no getting away from the fact that people are more prone to digestive disorders and stomach complaints, now more than ever before. Some blame the quality of the food we eat, others blame it on stress, eating too fast or lack of fiber or poorly digested meals. The list of possible causes of so many stomachaches and pains is extensive.

Healthy Trail Mix Snack Recipe

If you love to snack like I do, you want to make sure to avoid sugar-rich treats such as muffins, candies, or unhealthy carbohydrate-laden potato chips. Instead, you can make your own healthy trail mix snack recipe.

Healthy Foods Can Lead to Weight Loss

Most people who eat healthy foods are often fit and barely have any problems with weight loss. However, this constitutes only a handful of the population. Why? The first thing that pops into a person’s mind when you mention healthy cuisine is tasteless food.

What Are Good Protein Shakes?

Drinking dietary protein shakes could either be used to gain or lose mass, even though its overall effect is to enhance our bodies’ muscles, while repairing and rebuilding damaged tissues. So what are good protein shakes that one can use in order to fulfill the necessary daily nutritional requirements?

Major Importance of Omega 3

Omega 3 is a fatty acid and can be of major importance to someone’s health. You might be wondering what is so great about omega 3. Well, for one humans cannot create this substance so we have to go out and consume it. Doesn’t sound so hard right? However the foods with a lot of omega 3 are salmon, brussels sprouts, soybeans, walnuts, cauliflower and dried ground cloves. Can you name something that all of these foods have in common? Yea that’s right, nobody buys them.

Nutrition and Hormone Balance

As bioidentical hormones and the problem of hormone imbalance become mainstream knowledge, younger women are wondering what they can do to keep progesterone and estrogen within the normal range for as long as possible using diet and exercise. It’s true that bioidentical hormone doctors often prescribe a series of lifestyle changes to their patients. Nutritional supplements, a specialized diet, and tailored exercise programs that are designed to create balance and help maintain it is common fare for menopausal women who seek the help of a bioidentical hormone specialist.

All About Vitamins That Could Prevent Disease and Infection

In order to maintain our good health and prevent diseases and infections, we need to have vitamins and minerals in our body. Prior to taking some vitamins, it is necessary to know what vitamin you actually need.

Natural Ways To Boost Iron Levels In The Body

If a person’s body is deficient in iron, it can result in anemia. This condition leads to muscle weakness and extreme tiredness. It even decreases a person’s ability to fight infections. Usually, iron levels in the body are tested with the help of blood tests. If the levels are low, the doctor will recommend taking iron supplements, which are available through prescription or over-the-counter. However, taking too many iron supplements has its own risks. It can damage the liver or result in diabetes. Hence, a person suffering from low levels of iron should be looking for natural ways to boost iron levels in the body.

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