This is why you should start taking collagen

Excessive Body Heat – An Imbalance

Excessive body heat is very common in summers and also in tropical countries like India or in certain medical conditions. Interestingly, this imbalance in the body has become more common in many individuals irrespective of place, climate or age.

How Do Our Bodies Get Energy From Fat?

This article explores how our bodies are able to satisfy their energy requirement in the absence of carbohydrates. It explores how our bodies can create energy from non carbohydrate sources such as fat and protein.

Protein Supplement

Bodybuilding supplements may be used to replace meals, enhance weight gain, promote weight loss or improve athletic performance. Among the most widely used are vitamin supplements, protein, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), glutamine, essential fatty acids, meal replacement products, weight loss products and testosterone boosters. Protein powder is a ‘complete protein’ for the entire family.

The Right Feeding Therapy for Children With Feeding Disorder

Feeding disorder for children has been a common problem for several years that requires special attention and treatment. In this article, the factors affecting children’s eating pattern will be thoroughly discuss.

Healthy Eating for Athletes

Proteins, fats and carbohydrates are known as macronutrients and need to be consumed in good proportions to one another in order for good health.   Protein means “of first importance” in Greek, so when you are choosing what to eat, chose a good quality source of protein. Proteins are made of 20 different amino acids, some amino acids are essential – they must be consumed in the diet – whereas some are non-essential – your body can manufacture them.

What Are Vitamins and Minerals?

Vitamins and minerals are a class of essential nutrients that have to be obtained from the food you eat. Vitamins come as either water soluble or fat soluble. The water soluble vitamins include the family of nutrients classed as the B vitamins.

I Am Healthy, So How Did I Get Sick?

There are many people out there today that have made that life-changing decision to commit to a diet plan, as well as commit themselves to visiting the gym for some intense physical activity multiple times per week. They have a well defined goal of what they intend to get out of the diet they have chosen, as well as in individually tailored workout that is aligned with those goals. So how did they get sick?

Help With Weight Loss – 5 Tips to Do to Lose More Weight

Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you need help with weight loss? These 5 tips will help you to meet your weight loss goals.

Farmed Atlantic Salmon or Wild Caught Pacific Salmon?

Farmed Atlantic Salmon is cheaper than Wild Caught Pacific Salmon, but it has been linked to high levels of PCBs. Although the effects of PCBs is uncertain in humans, studies have shown that PCBs in animals can affect their immune and reproductive systems. Large amounts in animals over a short time had caused cancer.

A Guide to Getting the Best Physiotherapy Treatment

It is not always easy to deal with sports injuries, especially when the kind of injury that is suffered causes a significant amount of pain. While the vast majority of sports injuries people suffer from tend to resolve themselves within a relatively short amount of time, sometimes they can be so debilitating that the athlete is no longer able to play his preferred sport. Physiotherapy is a category of treatment that encompasses a number of methods that can be used to help people recover from physical injuries and acquire pain relief as well.

Nutrition for Football

Body composition is very important for a football player. This means you should have a low percentage of body fat and good levels of muscle mass. To achieve this it is important to focus on human nutrition rather than “sports nutrition.”

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