Things You Should NEVER Do In A Hospital

Whole Food Choices For A Healthy Diet

When it comes to your health and the health of your family as relates to food, you are what you eat. With that in mind, try to eat a pure diet which contains as many whole foods as possible. Start reading the labels on the food you buy. It is rather shocking to see what food processors are putting into your food these days.

Reasons To Eat Healthy And Throw Away The Junk

There are people these days who figure that they are so far gone in the health department, that why not throw caution to the wind and eat everything that tastes good and pleases our taste buds? Sure, they might know that it’s probably not the best, but they do it anyway because what do they have to lose? The problem is that they have much to lose!

Amino Acids, Essential for Staying Healthy and Building Muscle

Amino Acids are the building blogs of body functions. They make up protein, and act as precursors to more important neurotransmitters. Getting optimal amounts of Amino Acids can help you build muscle, prevent over training, regulate sleep, improve cognitive function, regulate mood, and increase energy.

Top 7 Foods to Include In Your Kid’s Diet

There are several questions that parents find themselves having to grapple with frequently. One of those is the what to include, and what to omit in kids’ diets. That is the question we will be attempting to answer, as we explore the top 7 foods to include in your kid’s diet. We will also be making an attempt at answering the question as to why the inclusion of these foods is essential.

The Art Of Creating Great Juice Recipes For Juicers

While most people start out juicing by use of blenders, juicers are, certainly, the perfect way to great juice recipes. Blenders and juicers perform different functions since they are different appliances. The reason juicers are the perfect option to juicing is that they will separate liquid extract from the pulp. In fact, with a juicer, you can handle your produce in manageable pieces – peels, stems and so on. A blender won’t do this, and as such, it won’t give you the quality you’re looking for as a juicer does. For instance, a mixture of carrots, celery and beets won’t come out like a juice, but gritty, when you use a blender. But this is not so with a juicer.

Stay Healthy Through Winter With Natural Fruit Snacks

With winter on its way we could all use a boost in our immune system in order to stave off illness. A big part of staying healthy and maintaining a strong immunity is your diet. Eating natural, vitamin-rich food will give your body the head start it needs to keep on top of any winter bugs. It is important to keep up a steady intake of fruit and vegetables, but most of us don’t want to exist on that alone.

The Benefits of a Juicing Diet

Unless you are a vegan, following the recommended dietary guidelines require we find extra time in our day but a juicing diet takes care of most of that headache. It facilitates a way of consuming higher quantities of quality nutrients into your diet for improved energy and vitality.

Noni Fruit 101: Important Things You Need to Know

It was 2000 years ago when the Polynesians found out that noni fruit can be used as a medical treatment. This fruit is a native in Southeast Asia and is now popularly eaten by people all over the globe specifically in Southeast Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Effective Nutrition – Are You Getting Enough Protein To Go With Your Workouts?

It has often been said that proteins are the building blocks of muscles – and while there are a number of other factors involved, to a large extent this is true. No matter how well-structured your workouts are, without proper nutrition your muscles just won’t grow and may even get smaller each week.

Healthy Eating Habits Make Up a Healthy Mind and Body

The present times have seen people to be in a lot of stress. For this reason, people have turned to nutritional supplements in order to have more vitality as well as to help them overcome diseases.

Helicobacter Pylori Is A Major Cause of Iron Deficiency Anemia

If you are like many people, you probably associate H pylori with gastrointestinal symptoms like acid reflux, stomach pain, belching and burping and peptic ulcers. It seems that very few doctors make the association between digestive infections like Helicobacter pylori with symptoms elsewhere in the body, but a mounting body of research demonstrates that H pylori has the ability to disrupt many body functions. This article examines how H pylori may block the absorption of iron from the gut, thereby causing iron deficiency anemia and its associated symptoms. It also offers some practical guidelines and solutions to these problems.

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