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Is Eating Organic Really Worth It?

  As a personal trainer and nutritional expert, personally I would say that going organic is definitely worth it. Yes, it does cost quite a bit more but you are making an investment in the future. What do I mean?

What Happens When the Body Suffers From Magnesium Deficiency?

Magnesium deficiency is a much more common ailment that most people are aware of. This article details the symptoms and treatment of magnesium deficiency and which foods will provide your diet with the most of your magnesium dietary needs.

Understanding Thyroid Problems and Natural Herbs

Hyperthyroidism is caused by an overactive thyroid gland. The thyroid is located at the lower part of the neck and produces hormones to regulate the body’s metabolism. The thyroid gland uses iodine to help produce the thyroid hormones. The main hormones of the thyroid are T3 and T4 which help to regulate body temperature, heart rate, protein production and use of carbohydrates and fats.

What You Should Eat During a Competition

Eating properly during a competition is just as important as eating properly before a competition. What you eat before a competition prepares your body for it. Eating the right food keeps your body healthy and physically fit to take on the strenuous activities of your sport.

Foods That May Prevent Cancers

List of foods and supplements that one can eat regularly to prevent to occurence of cancers. Specific information on foods that help with intestinal cancers.

Going Meatless and Loving It!

There are a lot of reasons to prepare vegetarian dinners once in a while for your family. Here are easy ways to incorporate it into your family’s dinner routine.

3 Facts About Protein That You Should Have Learned Sooner

Think you know everything there is to know about protein? Think again! Learn how to sort the fact from the fiction.

Knowing The Root Of All Evil

Behind every problem, fueling your downfall, and preventing you from reaching your goals there is a root cause. A cause that you might think you are aware of, yet when you try to seek out that root cause to your problem it does not seem to prevent the problem. Have you had a hard time advancing at work or even finding a job?

You Ready To Get Out of The Damn Box That’s Keeping Excess Weight On Your Body?

I heard the following quote listening to one of my mentors, “We Don’t Have the Ability to Think Outside The Box That Was Created For Us.” So why am I bringing this up in regards to your weight?

Start A Diet Recipe File

In this article you’ll learn why setting up a weight loss recipe book is critical in order to prevent the diet boredom that claims so many healthy lifestyles. In addition, we’ll teach you the 3 most common methods for organizing your recipes for easy access!

Stay Away From Fake Foods

As a personal trainer and nutrition enthusiast in Swansea I have become increasingly aware, and worries about ‘fake’ foods. The aim of this article is not to swamp you with the quite worrying information I have learnt with regards to some foods, but just to give you a brief overview on these fake foods and why it’s best to give them to stay away. Processed foods make up a large amount of the toxins we consume every day, if you see a food with ingredients you can’t pronounce then I would recommend you just put…

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