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Visalus Shake Recipes – Dieting Doesn’t Get Any Tastier

Going on a diet is probably one of the most challenging things anyone can face. Simply thinking about all those favorite dishes that you will be ‘starving’ yourself from can be very much discouraging. Often times, diet programs rob you of your calories and leave you without any energy even to keep up with your daily routine.

Guide to Buying Health Drinks

Looking for the best heath drinks today can seem like an impossible task as hype and advertising takes center stage. Focusing on natural herbal beverages can pay off with big rewards for your overall well-being.

What Is “Dehydration”?

This article sets the stage for understanding the effects of dehydration. This is accomplished by describing what exactly “dehydration” is.

Fruits and Vegetable Wash Solutions With Free Recipe

Can you imagine where those fruits and veggies have been that you are looking at to purchase? Fruits and vegetables usually travel long distances under many different conditions, there is no telling where they have been or who has handled them or what kind of germs and diseases are lurking on them.

Three Reasons Why You Should Switch to an All-Natural Diet

An all-natural diet is better for your overall health, appearance, and taste buds. Learn three of the most enticing reason as to why you should make the switch from processed and artificial foods.

Possible Options for People With Chronic Ailments

Various natural techniques are being suggested for those affected with chronic maladies such as diabetes. Some of these strategies have something to do with healthy diets to lose weight fast without taking prescribed medications frequently.

Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

It takes a little extra time to maintain a healthy diet but saves a ton of money! Here is my simple plan to eat healthy while traveling.

Three Tricks for Eating Healthier

Eating healthy can often be challenge especially when one is hooked on junk foods. This is usually a sign that the body is depleted of its nutrients, and thus, it craves for foods that will provide new energy quickly. These foods include simple sugars, unhealthy fats and many other addictive foods. The following three tips for eating healthier can help to reduce the cravings in order to develop permanent and healthy eating habits.

Vitamin Dense Foods A, B, C, D and E

Getting your daily macronutrients in check (protein, carbohydrates and fats) should always be your top priority, because it determines how much energy your getting into your body. So once you’re getting enough calories in depending on your goals, what’s next?

Ancient Way of Living – The Warrior Diet

Are you tired of being on diets that make you feel like your whole life is revolving around food? Or maybe you have been having energy crashes throughout the day -especially after lunchtime meals.

Protein Functions

The article describes how protein is broken down into amino acids. It also describes the functions of protein.

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