Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran Yelled What???

Universal Nutrition For Exercising – 5 Tips To Help

Proper juicing and eating will provide the universal nutrition necessary for your exercise workouts. To ensure that your body is working efficiently while working out you must drink and eat the right foods at the right time. This is the path to burning calories and building muscles.

The Dangers of Soy and Some Great Soy Alternatives

In the vast sea of processed foods, soy is found as an ingredient in many foods. Are we better off with it or without it? And is soy really so dangerous?

Types of Fat – Can You Eat Fat and Lose Weight?

Is fat the enemy to weight loss? Do you know the different types of fat out there? Next time you are doing your grocery shopping pay attention to how many supposedly healthy fat-free or low-fat options are available for purchase. Products such as low-fat ice cream, cakes, chips, biscuits and lollies are all on offer. Have these supposed better options helped the obesity problem in our society? No! So why are they so popular? Because when people are eating them, they don’t feel guilty. They can justify it in their heads that it’s a healthy option, because the packaging or the fancy TV commercial says so. WRONG!

The Downward Spiral of Diet and Nutrition

What’s the link between World War II, fast food, and the rise in obesity? Take a page out of history, and find out why advancements in technology have led to our country’s rapidly growing waistlines.

Miracle Foods That Really Work

There have been many health concerns of the 21st century. The battles against aging, building natural immunities, managing weight, and detoxifying our bodies have been the focus of many studies. Cornell University, The New England Journal of Medicine, and the CDC report that there may be a single solution to all of these.

Commercial Juicing Machines

We all know how popular juicing machines have become over the past decade. Is it just a fad, or should we all go out and buy a juicer? Fads end as quickly as they begin. Not with juicing. Juicers have steadily been growing in popularity since the early to mid 90’s. Today, due to documentaries and viral video, interest in juicing is sweeping the nation. Is it all just hype?

The Juice Press Juicing Machine

The simplest commercial juicing machine on the market today is the juice press. What makes a juice press differ from any other juicer on the market? The juice press is, for lack of a better term, the grandfather of all other juicers. This is where juicing all started.

Daily Salt Consumption Too High For Most

The CDC has a message for us – most Americans daily salt consumption is too high, likely without even realizing it. What happens is that people unknowingly up their chances of developing high blood pressure, along with heart disease and also stroke according to a new report.

7 Simple Tips for Wellness on the Road

Do you love to take vacations or travel a lot for work? Have you ever noticed how much being away from home can disrupt your workout routines and wellness in general? Before going on your next trip, set the intention to continue your wellness lifestyle on the road. With a few conscious choices, it can be remarkably easy. Here are 7 simple tips to set you on the right track.

Nutrition For Healthy Teeth

Keeping teeth healthy and white is not just a matter of brushing, flossing and using great quality teeth whitening products but has far more fundamental roots and starts with great nutrition. Teeth are in themselves pretty complex.

A Day in the Life: Eating Wheat Free

Eating wheat free is a simple, rewarding way to eat. Look, it’s simple really. Wheat and other empty carbohydrates are the leading culprits in obesity and inflammatory diseases like heart disease, arthritis, gastrointestinal disease like Celiac disease and Crohn’s disease.

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