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What Are the Health Benefits of Drinking Protein Shake Smoothies?

Drinking a protein shake smoothie can be the most succulent part of your day, as well as the most healthy and balanced. They blend various fruits and other healthful ingredients, so that you can find most of your daily vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from only one serving of a protein shake smoothie.

Is Vegan Diet Healthy for You?

There are many individuals, who prefer to have a vegan diet. However, there are many other people, who wonder whether just having certain kinds of food will actually benefit the body.

Ideas to Turn a Great Meal Into a Great, Healthy Meal

Have you ever looked at a recipe for what looks like a great meal, and then you realize that the ingredients are not near as healthy as you would like? Sometimes the most delicious sounding meals are not the most healthy when it comes to our liver. Excessive quantities of sugar, fat and preservatives is not good for the liver, and our intent when choosing ingredients for these delicious meals are also to support our liver’s health.

The Truth About Water Weight

What’s the truth behind water weight? Does it really “count” as weight loss? Why water weight loss is essential in rebuilding a healthy body!

Could a Tomato Pill Be the Next Health Breakthrough?

Some studies show that lycopene from tomatoes could hold the key to reduced heart disease and cancer, but is it too soon to know? And could there be problems with this approach?

Candida Causes, Testing and Treatment

Most people today are looking for alternative treatments when it comes to treating simple medical conditions. There are several different types of treatments today that are performed by qualified professionals. Some involve making dietary changes or including supplementary food to cure various diseases.

Why Use Vitamins and Supplements to Live Healthier?

Most Americans don’t get enough nutrition from the foods they eat. Because we eat fast food, or processed food, the vitamins and nutrition are cooked out. By taking a daily vitamin and some type of supplement product; you will get a healthy dose of your daily amino acids and vitamins.

Gain Weight From Shampoo

We all know that there are many things around us that could make us gain weight, from junk foods in food carts to a big Mac or a large pizza and we all know that food is what can make us gain weight (simple equation more food = more calories = more weight). And we all read about studies that prove how chemicals and even our soils (agriculture) and the corporate involvement in agriculture could lead to more processed food and low nutritious organic foods (at least not like it used to be back in the 50s) and at…

Planning and Preparing Meals For The Most Aged People Among Us

An under served and widely misunderstood segment of our population is the exploding group of people who are age 90 or above. While medical science is still discovering new things about how the body and mind work at that advanced age, there are certain food rules which can help us take our fitness achieved earlier in life and maximize quality of life at 90 and beyond.

Are You Missing This Nutrient?

Last weekend I was at a friend’s baby shower and there was a LOT of pregnancy talk going on. When we started talking about my book, my friend reminded me about one of her FAVORITE parts – the section on FOOD CRAVINGS. Like a lot of other women out there, she had NO IDEA that food cravings are often more than just urges. They’re actually your body’s way of saying: “HELLO, I’m missing something!” OR “Give me more of that please!” In fact, you can learn a lot from your cravings – they tell you what you’re missing in your diet (just like your finger nails for example!). If you’re wondering just HOW you’re supposed to interpret your cravings – here are 3 good examples…

Superfoods: Are They Really Super?

Ever wonder if those so called superfoods are really super? In this article, I review some of the most popular superfoods talked about today and give you the inside scoop.

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