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Want to Live Longer? Drink Sour Milk (or Fermented Foods!)

Our ancestors knew how to live longer and that included eating sour or fermented milk. Learn how fermented foods can help you live a healthier life.

Locavore Knowledge

Locavore is a relatively new term referring to a person who eats food that is locally grown and produced, and is only transported a short distance. This movement supports our local growers and food producers. If you are buying locally or within your state, your food will also have a smaller carbon footprint, which will in turn help to protect our environment.

Paleo Diet: Secret to Good Health

More and more people are embracing the theory that the secret to the sturdy physique of the cavemen during the Paleolothic era was in their diet. Before the advent of medicine and viable means of defense against animals that preyed on humans, the average lifespan of our Stone Age ancestors could have been shorter. But while they lived, the prehistoric humans were portrayed as able-bodied and in perpetual motion. That they tirelessly foraged for food must have contributed to their well-being.

5 Top Celebrity Endorsed Diets

If you want to effectively deal with a weight problem, you might consider one of these diets often selected by the stars. While there are many plans available, it is nice to choose one that you have seen work well for another person.

Gluten and Lactose Free

Abdomen difficulties can be removed or decreased if lactose intolerance is handled effectively. Appropriate nutritional planning or dietary intervention is the key aspect by preventing lactose-containing products in preparing foods and making delightful meal which helps pave the way for improvement.

Fantastically Good-For-You Goats Milk

Goats milk has many benefits, both for your digestive system and your skin. Extremely versatile, goats milk can be used for a variety of products, both for consumption and for exterior use. Goats milk benefits include ease of digestion for those who cannot tolerate cow milk, great taste, and lots of healing benefits for dry or troubled skin, both on the face and body.

The Role of Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are extremely important to the body’s overall energy exchange potential-the flow of life force. The cell must be in total micronutrient equilibrium to remain a healthy cell. And EFAs should be found in the optimal 3:1 ratio respectively which is known as the most advantageous for optimum health and prevention of fatty degeneration diseases.

How to Maintain Your New Weight and Keeping It Off

Losing weight requires some effort but so does maintaining new weight. If you have just recently reached your weight loss goals, don’t be fooled into thinking that now you can eat as much as you want because it will put the weight that you lost back on!

Eating A Plant Based Whole Food Diet

Fascinating findings. A woman who enjoys a plant based whole food diet, has a lower stroke risk according to a new study. Even if she has a history of heart disease or stroke, this way of eating… lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains… can reduce her chances of suffering with a stroke.

Nutrition Facts For Apple Juice

Now here’s some interesting nutrition facts for apple juice… apple juice can be a health risk, however not just because of the arsenic everyone (including us) is talking about. Instead it’s the calories and sugar that apple juice brings that are the real trouble according to some experts. While this type of juice might be the favorite of kids everywhere, it has small amounts of protein and minerals, but none of the fiber of the whole fruit, it and also brings tons of calories and, for some varieties, more sugar than a soda.

Low Calorie Drinks for Healthy Men

Achieving the right calorie balance, is the key for a successful weight management for men and women of all ages. To get and maintain a healthy weight, it’s important for men to control the energy intake through balancing physical activity (expended calories) with food and beverage intake (consumed calories). While smart food choices are essential, there’s increasing evidence that choosing the inappropriate drinks may also significantly contribute to weight problems.

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