Post-Traumatic Growth Explained

Getting Familiar With Spinach Leaves

If you are among the Baby Boomer and the Generation X generations, you might know who Popeye is. He is a sailor who is always at odds with another sailor who is at least twice his size. To compensate and to win any scenario, Popeye always opens and eats a can of spinach which allows him to have extraordinary strength.

Exotic Nutritious Red Fruits: The Rambutan And Pulasan

Rambutans are practical fruits with many different uses; but not many know of this. For instance, it is highly effective for anaemia and high cholesterol as well as maintaining your teeth with its calcium and phosphorus content. The pulasan is similar to its close cousin, the rambutan, in many ways. Both fruits having cosmetic value, will give you better skin and hair. They are low in fat and calories, but high in water content; and are ideally suited for weight loss; and diabetics can safely eat them with no qualms. High in Vitamin C to strengthen your immune system from infections, the two fruits are equally rich in antioxidants with radical scavenging property. Thus it is not surprising the two red fruits have a toxic effect against cancerous cells. Above all, a fruiting rambutan or pulasan tree is a beautiful sight. Even more enchanting are those who play host in extending their warmth and generosity with these fruits. Moreover, the impact of the rambutan fruit can be gauged from the number of people and roads named after it.

6 Potentially Cancer Causing Foods You Should Limit in Your Diet

You are what you eat. These foods have been shown to increase your risk of developing cancer.

6 Benefits Of Tomato Paste

Many people take tomato paste when eating fries. These people mainly take the paste to make the fries palatable. Did you know there are many healthy benefits that come with tomato paste? Here are some of the benefits: Antioxidants Antioxidants attack and kill free radicals that provoke diseases and aging. A 2002 study done by the Journal of Agriculture and food chemistry found that the manufacturing process of tomato paste increases the amount of antioxidants in the paste

Stop Flushing Your Money Down the Toilet and Get Healthy

How to choose a good and effective fiber product. The benefits of a full digestive system fiber product.

What Are The Benefits Of Fat Free Milk?

There are many different types of milk product on the market today, meaning that there is a range of choice that can sometimes be overwhelming. It can be very confusing to know whether to buy organic whole milk, fat free milk or whether the least expensive carton of UHT milk will suit our purposes just fine.

What Are The Different Types Of Milk On The Market?

Milk is a very popular food product throughout the world, and has several purported health benefits. Eaten with a bowl of cereal for breakfast, or added to a creamy desert for a dinner party, this product is also very versatile, making it convenient to have on hand to prepare a variety of different dishes.

What Are The Benefits Of Homogenised Milk?

There are many different milk products on our supermarket shelves nowadays, ranging from pasteurized and homogenized milk with a long shelf life to micro filtered, fresh milk that will only last in the fridge for a couple of days. On top of this there is milk from different breeds of cows – such as from Jersey cattle – and organic milk that is produced according to strict guidelines.

The Healthy Food Diaries: What to Eat in Your 20’s

Need a hand understanding what you should be eating in your twenties to help your health later on in life? There are quite a few foods that are packed with nutrients and with many of them offering anti-ageing benefits, you might kick yourself for not thinking about making these changes sooner!

3 Tips To Eating Healthy At Holiday Parties

Trying to stay healthy during the holidays? It can be tricky trying to eat right during the holiday season. Parties, get togethers and holiday functions tend to offer sweet treats and other temptations that aren’t as healthy for you. These three tips might help you stay on track.

Protein Snacking Vs Carb Snacking

People are increasingly delving deeper into what they eat and how much they eat. So much so that everything that they eat, is quickly entered into their fitness app to get a quick overview of the protein/ carbohydrate and calorie intake of their food.

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