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Sports Energy Foods: Is It Important To Pre-Pack Your Own Or Can You Just Fill Up At A Cafe?

Sports Energy Foods… They’re important in fueling your ride but how does the body digest solid food, what’s available at that cafe stop, and why I prefer to pre-pack my own…

How to Reduce Carb Cravings

Every day during consultations with clients I find myself having to propose a new paradigm of nutrition for them so they can heal and live a life of energy and vitality. This will vary from client to client but the fundamentals are usually the same. I have written extensively on gluten and sugar but this article pertains to techniques and alternatives for people who need to remove refined sugar, wheat and dairy from their diet.

8 Key Areas For Improving Your Diet And Eating Healthy

Looking for ways to improve your diet? If so, read on to learn 8 simple dietary adjustments that can have a significant impact.

Are You Really What You Eat? How To Get Diet Fitness

This article will discuss the idea of improving your health through an approach to diet that involves getting it fitter and healthier. No calorie restrictive eating or crash dieting just a logical and simple approach to nutrition.

Flipping the Nutritional Script: Healthy, Homemade Pancakes

As much as we all enjoy going out to restaurants and being served tasty food, this process strips us of the ability to truly have a say regarding what we eat. Yes, we do choose off of the menu, but do we truly know what is being put in our food and the integrity of the ingredients without being present in the restaurant kitchen? The answer is no. Yet at home, in the friendly confines of our own cooking space, we choose each and every ingredient that we place in our meals and turn a token nutrition-less plate of pancakes into something so much greater and healthier.

Our Return to Basic Nutrition

Life has a way of getting away from us. Work, school, kids, our schedules are full. We look for everything that is quick at mealtime. Many of us find ourselves choosing the fast food empty calorie options. Our bodies need the proper nutrition in order to function efficiently. Our diet is lacking nutritional substance and it is easy to understand the increase in ill health. I’m not just referring to diseases like cancer, although cancer is also a symptom. I am really referring to people who just never feel well. They complain of fatigue, body aches, headaches, colds, coughs and a myriad of other little symptoms, that point to an unhealthy population. Could a nutritional makeover be in order? Maybe we need to get back to the basics.

Top 5 Foods to Avoid

Top 5 Foods to avoid to Lose Weight in a healthy manner. Once you remove these foods from your diet and keep them out then your taste-buds and preferences will change for the better. Try it and you just may be amazed by the results.

5 Tips for Sticking to Your Diet and Staying Healthy When Traveling

Traveling can throw anyone’s diet or nutritional lifestyle off course. Plus, the stress of travel along with germ infested airplanes can trigger an immune system shutdown. Here are 5 tips that can help you eat well and stay healthy when traveling.

Sugar Addiction Now Recognized As Mainstream Science

Once considered a suspect theory, sugar addiction and other food addictions are now recognized as science. This article covers genetic and other predisposing factors in sugar addiction and different causes of food addictions.

I Really Hate Vegetables – Solutions

In this article trainer and health coach Richard Clarke talks about how we doesn’t like vegetables. He also offers solutions on how to eat them and get the many health benefits from vegetables.

How Hormones Are Affected by Diet

If you were to ask most people how many hormones we humans have, the answer might be that we have too many: the weepy hormones, the cranky ones, etc. Hormones get blamed for every unwanted emotion that comes on. But they are an important part of the whole orchestra that runs our bodies, and if one part of the orchestra is out of tune it throws everything out of balance.

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