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Four Nutty Alternative Sources Of Protein

When trying to eat a purely vegetarian diet, getting enough protein is sometimes a concern. Protein is important and is available without having to eat meat or for the vegan diet, without eating eggs. The recommended dietary allowance of protein for adults is 44-56 grams a day. Here are four nutty alternatives for protein.

Natural Appetite Suppression Tips

Today, it is more common to use an appetite suppressant to help in suppressing hunger pangs. However, there are several very effective natural appetite suppressing alternatives that can equally be of great assistance in helping individuals suppress their appetite and snacking tendencies.

What Makes Acai Berry a Superfood?

It is a surprise to many that the world’s most nutritious superfood is a little known berry found on a specific strain of palm tree in the Amazon. Most people have never even heard of the Acai berry superfood (pronounced Ah-sigh-ee), but after carefully studying its nutritional benefits, nutrition scientists suggest this is likely the most powerful food in the world!

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oils

Did you know the Greenland Eskimos have an exceptionally low incidence of heart disease and arthritis, even though they consume a high-fat diet? It’s true! Scientists now believe this is due to the amount of fish in their diet – to the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) really pack an overall health and nutritional power punch. Intensive research has established five Amazing Benefits of EPA/DHA (Omega-3 Fatty Acid Fish Oils).

Ups and Downs of Cheese

Too much fat in cheese? Not if you are choosing the right one. Read more to pick healthier cheeses.

Healthy Summer for Kids

Staying healthy over the summer can sometimes be a challenge. Kids are out of their normal routine, and BBQ’s often involve not-so healthy food. We have some ideas that might help.

The Dangers of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is one of the biggest pitfalls awaiting us when we’re trying to lose weight. Learn more about the signs and the solutions for emotional eating.

Buying Guide for Running Energy Gels

A buying guide for purchasing running energy gels for the endurance athlete. There are plenty of gels on the market, and they’re widely known for their poor taste and competing performance/health claims. Be sure you know what you’re looking for when you purchase a running energy gel.

Your Body Is a Miracle

Your body is truly a miracle. It can self repair when you look after it the right way. So what can you do to look after this miracle you were given? Read about the suggestions in this article how you can further look after your miracle body.

Discover Cantaloupe Nutrition Facts

The cantaloupe is what I like to call a ‘peripheral fruit’, and by this I mean it is one that is there and available, but not many people actually use it as much as they could, for various reasons. The majority of the time it is because this melon-like fruit is just not as popular as other household fruits such as the banana or the apple. The aim of this article is to provide you with a bit of extra information on the cantaloupe, or ‘rockmelon’, as it is known in some areas.

Five Excellent Non-Dairy Sources Of Calcium

What people eat is sometimes determined by more than mere hunger. Personal choices of healthy or unhealthy eating, intolerance to certain foods and allergies all contribute to dietary choices and needs. In some cases by choice or necessity, a diet might need to be free from any type of dairy product whatsoever. It is important throughout life to maintain proper levels of calcium for healthy teeth and bones among many positive attributes. Consider these five healthy plants as great sources of calcium.

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