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10 Steps To Eating Cleaner

In my recent years working with people and helping them lose weight “eating cleaner” has always outweighed the working out part. More often than not, people have a hard time eating right than working out. I thought I would create 10 steps to doing so. Give you an idea of areas that you may need to improve on or work on! I truly hope these help you! Copy, save, write them down whatever you have to do to keep them as a reminder!

Avoiding Temptation: Stock Your Pantry Right

Some of the biggest temptations to stray from your diet may be right under your nose in your very own kitchen! Learn how to stock your fridge and pantry right so you’re making the best possible decisions for your health goals.

Need to Diet?

Instead of knowing how to lose weight and dieting properly in order to be physically fit sooner or later, people choose go for fast fixes. This is significantly true in the cases of those youngsters who look for the proper tips for dieting.

Powerful Forces Behind Food Choices

With our fast pace life, who has time or skill to plan and prepare meals like mom or grandma use to make? The food industry is a commanding strength backing up our food choices. What are the consequences?

Meat: Is It Bad For You?

Whether meat is bad for you or not depends on a number factors including whether it is processed and how it is cooked. Seven tips to help make meat a healthier part of your diet.

Fat – What Happens To Your Body When You Eat It?

This article talks about one nutrient in our food supply, FAT, and what happens to our body when we eat it. Good fat vs. bad fat.

Do Our Fruit and Veggies Have Enough Nutrition In Them To Lose Belly Fat?

We have all noticed the difference in taste of our supermarket fruit and vegetables. Find out why these can help you lose belly fat.

Now, Tell Me Again Why I Should Not Eat Pork – Is It Harmful To Eat A Pig? How Smart Sugars Can Help

When I was a boy on a Missouri farm, I looked at our herd of swine as garbage disposals to grow sugar cured hams and tasty bacon. In the smoke house, I would cure the hams and slabs of bacon. I rubbed them with, and packed them in, curing salts made of brown sugar and salt. My view of pork has changed. More than 100 viruses come to US each year via pigs from China which is the world’s largest producer of pork. The H1N1 (swine flu) virus is a serious threat to human health. The meat is loaded with toxins and parasites which are not easily removed even by cooking well done. The larvae of the trichinella worm is perhaps the major concern of eating pork. Trichinella lives in the cysts of the pig’s stomach and survives the acids. The worm’s larvae hatches and grows into colonies within the muscle tissues of the pig. Here is what I discovered.

Science Or Consensus? And, What Does That Have To Do With Smart Sugars?

How we view glycoscience will determine our response. Big Pharma looks at glycoscience as the gravy train worth billions of dollars because it can improve drugs to treat symptoms more effectively. So, they are frantically designing new drugs using synthesized Smart Sugars. The Energy Lords look to glycoscience as a potential inexhaustible renewable energy. They are busy taking ownership of fuel alternatives to use or to prohibit. The public is learning about glycoscience and are beginning to ask, “Why not just eat these sugars as natural plant sourced food?” Glycoscience is irrefutably a disruptive science. Consensus of governments, Big Pharmas, and Energy Lords will struggle with how to manipulate and control the science that today the public can simply enjoy the improved health benefits.

The Number On The Scale Is A Relative Number

Whether your goal is eating to lose overall body weight, or eating to lose body fat percentage, that number that you see on the scale is really irrelative, and is likely the culprit for why most diets and workouts fail. One thing that you should know is that if you pick up a weight, the chance of you seeing that number increase on the scale is pretty good. Believe it or not eating to lose weight and eating to lose body fat are two completely different things.

3 Diet Mistakes Made By Bodybuilders And How To Avoid Them To Get Better Results At The Gym Part 2

Are you working your butt off at the gym but not getting the results you would like? You might be making one of the 3 common diet mistakes mentioned in this article.

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