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Manuka Honey Health Benefits

Manuka honey is marketed as the health honey but is it really? What does this magical honey have that others do not and is it as good for our health as manufacturers would have us believe?

How To Choose Weight and Fat Loss Programs That Have Sustainable Results

Why do we constantly search for weight loss programs that have drastic dietary guidelines which we know we will not be able to continue for a lifetime? We want fast result even though we know in the back of our minds we will not be able to sustain, because we have not learned anything?

How To Eat Wisely With Tea – Tips To Remember

The article explains some of health benefits people will receive by drinking herbal teas like Loquat leaf and lemongrass. Herbs usually contains multiple vitamins. Another benefit of herbal teas is no side effects and serious health risks.

Beware of White Processed Foods

This article brings to the attention of the reader the danger of some processed foods on the market, which are stripped of their nutrient content as well as fibre and cause health problems. White rice and products made from white flour are highlighted as being particularly dangerous.

Increase Memory By Boosting Brain Power

Increase your brain’s ability to concentrate and retain more. Boost your children brain to increase memory and excellent academic performance.

Poor Digestion Creates Poor Health – So How Do You Improve Your Digestion?

Poor digestion is becoming an increasing problem, not only in countries like the US and UK but in all developed nations world wide. There is no single cause of the problem but you can take simple steps to help avoid or ease poor digestion and its symptoms.

Dangers of Salt Toxicity

Salt has always been a welcome food additive. It also serves to help the body organs particularly the nerves and muscles perform their functions. In our world today we have developed an increased craving for salty diets.

The Best Factor – Healthy Diets to Lose Weight Fast

The Daily Health News published an article recently, “Detox Diet – How to Fast” which cited that is really hard for some people particularly those who are overweight. In fact, many people fail to achieve their goals in dieting. The article says that Detox diet is one of the most effective methods of immediately.

Tube Feeding at Home: How to Avoid the Risks

Your child suffers a catastrophic brain injury and can no longer swallow food. After months of institutional care, your physician, the social worker, the discharge planner, and the case manager sit with you and suggest that you take your loved one home. What do you need to make this a success?

Warning – Eating This Fish Does More Harm Than Good

Fish is generally regarded as a healthy choice for your diet – high in Omega 3, protein, and a variety of other nutrients. However, are you asking your grocer or restaurant waiter this question before deciding to order the fish? If not then you could be ingesting toxins and not be aware of it.

Low Dietary Fat – A Set-Up For These Ten Health Problems

Thinking you might lower your dietary fat intake to extremely low levels so you can improve your health? Think again. Fats are a class of food group known as ‘essential fatty acids’. What this means is that the body requires them to function in healthy ways and it cannot manufacture them. Therefore it requires us to consume them in our diets to make them available for all the myriad of functions they perform. Lower your dietary fat intake too far and you can pretty much count on developing the following major health problems:

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