Jonathan Bailor Why The Calorie Myth Book

Lamberts – Natural Aid to Stay Healthy

It becomes difficult to cope up with fast moving world to give importance to good food habit. Thankfully, there are some quality food supplement products which can help you maintain optimum health. But choosing the right one among them is vital and crucial as well.

Chia Seeds – New Superfood?

Chia seeds were a major part of the Azten and Mayan diet for years and they have a major dietary benefit. In fact, one teaspoon was believed to maintain a warrior for 24 hours at a time. Read how this anti oxidant rich super food can benefit your body.

Food Habits When You Go to Gym

The days when you perform workouts in gym, you must eat and sleep well. It is necessary to consume nutrient rich food during these days. If the diet did not have enough nutrients it may cause negative impacts on health. There are chances for the muscles to deteriorate if enough food is not taken during gym activities. It is necessary to take in all kinds of food rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals before and after work outs. However it is not possible to eat all types of food rich in variety of nutrients prescribed here but you can choose your favorites based on nutrients, from important food items, which are mandatory when you perform workouts in gym.

Burn Fat, How To Reprogram Your Body

The other day at the local gym a friend of mine just got done with a two-and-a-half mile run on the treadmill before hitting the free weights for a little weight training when someone politely told him, “hey, you are wasting your time doing that before lifting weights. You are burning up all of your energy that could be used into building muscle which helps burn calories at rest.” The guy nodded and stated that he was aware of that and, “if I do not run every single day then I put on weight like none other.

Our Modern Diet Is Not Just Quick and Easy – It’s Deadly

Modern processed foods are known to cause many illnesses. Hundreds of scientific studies and medical reviews have identified strong links between specific diseases and common manufactured foods that we eat every day. This article examines and expands on those links. It discusses the facts that are stronger than the misinformation that surrounds them. You will be horrified to read how exposed you are to life threatening and debilitating diseases that can be easily avoided by simple changes to the way we eat and what we eat. This is not some crazy restrictive theory designed to strangle your natural attraction to delicious foods. It is an expose of the rejuvenation that comes from simple and logical changes to our daily eating patterns – changes that will not only enliven your enjoyment of food but possibly help to extend your life. Not to be missed.

If Health Is Your Wealth, How Much Do You Have In Your Bank Account?

Do you consider yourself to be healthy? How do you truly define health anyway? I think everyone defines health differently. For some it’s to stop skipping breakfast and cutting back from a bottle of wine a night, to simply having a bottle on the weekend. This is healthy step in the right direction, but does that mean you are now healthy? Others do not consider themselves healthy unless they only drink green tea with water blessed from the Himalayan Mountains.

Using Melatonin for Regulating Sleep Schedules

Secreted by the body’s pineal gland, melatonin is a hormone taken in supplement form by many people to help with a variety of sleep disorders. This hormone is normally regulated by the body, but there are a wide variety of factors that can influence melatonin production. Melatonin is used to correct jet lag, delayed sleep phase syndrome, changing work schedules and vacationing in another time zone.

Chocolate Milk Is NOT a Good Post Workout Drink!

The commercials lie. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t be drinking chocolate milk after workouts or milk in general.

Quick Dinners for Your Clean Eating Lifestyle

For the most part, at least at the beginning of your transformation, you’ll want to keep food preparation simple. You’ll be cooking at home more frequently until you get yourself more familiar with the foods you can eat and the foods you should avoid.

A Beginners Guide To Selecting The Right Juice Extractor

Selecting the right juice machine for your family need not be a chore. I can help.

Healthy Diet: On Your Own

Making your own food may be an ideal, and one easily achieved. This is how I run a business and still have time to make nearly every meal and snack I eat. Bonus: how to plan enough to feed a husband and teenage boy on less than $300/month!

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