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Delicious Vegetable Smoothie Recipes

Tired of fruit smoothies? Try a few of these yummy vegetable smoothies!

Seven Sugars to Avoid at All Costs, One Exception to the Rule and One Preferred Alternative

Fat doesn’t make you fat. Since the 1950’s we have been avoiding fat at all cost. “Fat-free” and “Low-fat” have been the mantra for more than 50 years. Do you remember Olestra? This was to replace the fat content in many processed foods like potato chips. The only problem with Olestra is that had a nasty side-effect, fecal incontinence. Personally, I prefer fat. So what makes us so fat? There are many factors that we all know about like sedentary lifestyle, but as far as dietary considerations all eyes are turning to sugar and its effect on insulin levels. Chronically elevated insulin makes you fat, and that is a fact. Not only does sugar boost your insulin but it is toxic in its many forms.

5 Super Foods You Should Be Eating Daily

Everyone wants to live longer and healthier. The best way to do this is to incorporate nutritious foods into your diet. This article will give you 5 super foods that you should be eating daily.

Why Do You Think You Can’t Stick to a Diet?

This article is about finding out why you can’t stick to a diet. Dig deep for the reasons and then find ways to combat them healthily.

Digestive Health

Natural Medicine views the digestive system as being at the core of an individual’s health. As the immune system involves the stomach and good digestion, it is vital to get this right first. The bowel needs the right level of good and bad bacteria for the best of health.

How and Why to Brew Your Own Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented drink known for its health benefits. This article explains the value of drinking kombucha and explains how to brew it in your own home.

Healthy Eating: How to Make a Nutritious and Filling Smoothie

Fruit smoothies can be delicious and healthful snack options if you’re making them in a way that locks in the nutrition and flavor. These 7 steps will guide you through the process of making a fruit smoothie that will keep you satisfied by providing your body with the nutrition it needs without adding unnecessary calories.

4 Key Benefits Of Whey Protein

I have written a few articles dealing with nutrition in general. I have touched briefly on many parts of nutrition such as raw foods, vitamin supplements, creatine, protein, etc. In this article I am going to delve a bit deeper in to one of the most important nutrients for building muscle and all around fitness. That is protein and specifically whey protein.

The Fuel of Excellence: A Musician’s Guide to Proper Food Combining and Optimum Nutrition

Food combining is the way to superior nutrition. Food combining is the art and science of taking our knowledge of the human digestive system and the character of natural foods to achieve superior nutrition. When food combining is not put into practice by individuals or entire societies and the human digestive tract is treated as a garbage disposal, then the body begins to undergo mild to acute forms of nutritional degradation resulting in a weakened physical constitution and eventually widespread disease. Proper food combining designates the right mixes of foods that allow the body to work efficiently to provide itself with nutrition. Because these combinations do not interrupt or interfere with the body’s ability to break down the food it is provided, the body is able to receive from its food all of the nutrients the foods are capable of delivering. A digestive tract unburdened from unnecessary interferences from bad combinations or junk foods, is a digestive system that facilitates superior nutrition.

Cellular Respiration

We need energy to perform our daily activities and we get this energy from cell through cellular respiration. Normally, the food molecule glucose (derived from carbohydrates) is used as metabolic fuel in cellular respiration, but amino acids (derived from proteins) and fatty acids (derived from fats) can also be used as metabolic fuels when stored glucose in our body become depleted.

How to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss and Lose an Additional 5-35lbs Naturally

Do you want to know how to jump start your weight loss goals by losing 5-35 additional pounds before you start ridding your body of unwanted and unhealthy levels of toxins, fat and fluid?, or in addition to the loss of unwanted fat and fluids?

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