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NutriBullet – A Product Review

The NutriBullet is a high powered nutrition extractor. A combination of a blender, juicer and food processor, it turns fresh foods into nutrition packed smoothies.

Becoming a Vegan Eater

Becoming a vegan eater may seem daunting. Consider using the advice and tips below to help smooth the transition.

Types of Plant-Based Diets and Their Famous Followers

The variety of plant-based diets may be confusing. This article describes eight types as well as famous practitioners.

6 Healthy Foods That Can Actually Reduce Stress

One of the often overlooked causes of stress is wrong diet, and considering that the rate of obesity is increasing upward along with the number of stressed people in America, there most definitely is a link between the two. Eating junk food regularly deprive the body of essential nutrients and vitamins.

Green Beans: The Snack of Champions!

How can you encourage your kids to eat more green vegetables? Green beans may be the key. Here are tips and ideas to help you in your quest to a healthier lifestyle for your family.

The Best Post-Workout Recovery Drink: Chocolate Milk

Before you completely buy into all the hype that surrounds post-workout protein supplements, consider your other options. Chocolate milk actually has a more complete dose of post-workout nutrients than many popular protein supplements do. Discover which nutrients your protein powder may be lacking and how to best attain these nutrients to achieve optimal results.

Do You Have a Fast Food Addiction?

This paper discusses the warning signs of fast food addiction and what this problem can mean for your eating habits. Recognition of a problem like this is a first step toward finding help to solve it.

Pass On That Low Fat Food

In the past year it seems that the health and fitness industry has grown like a weed in your backyard. Gimmick after gimmick after gimmick has been shoved down your throat to do nothing more than take your hard earned money. On top of the expansion of knowledge there has also been an influx of new products that are also there to generate company profits at your expense.

Does Dehydration Affect Exercise Performance?

“Dehydration” is a common buzzword known by recreational and elite athletes. We know we should prevent it, but why? Does dehydration actually affect performance? The short answer is yes, in this post I talk about the effects of dehydration on aerobic exercise performance.

Choose Omega 3 Fats To Fight Against Inflamation

Inflammation is the chemical and bodily activity that works furiously to manage an injury when the body is hurt. Inflammation is necessary to overcome the injury. But if it continues for a long time, it can cause pain, major discomfort and degeneration of tissue. Inflammation is also increased due to increase in a person’s exercise regime.

Are Your Portion Sizes Too Big? 5 Tips to Make Counting Calories Easier (Simple)

Do you know what healthy portion sizes are? You might be eating too much and not even know it. Check out this article to discover how easy it can be to count calories.

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