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Carbohydrates 101 – Digestion, Absorption and Usage

While carbohydrates may not be considered as being essential nutrients, the body nonetheless depends on them as its primary source of energy fuel. The body generally uses most of the ingested carbohydrates to generate glucose – which serves as the basic functional molecule of energy for cells in the human body. However, carbohydrate-containing foods must first be digested and absorbed before they can be converted into the form of energy which the body uses.

Beef Jerky: A Brief History and A Killer Recipe

For centuries, beef jerky has taken on the role of pioneer food, helping people survive long journeys through harsh climates. Today, it is popular among hikers, campers, hunters, as well as people searching for a healthy convenient snack. Jerky is low in carbohydrates and high in protein, so it fits in well with a low-carb diet. And jerky boasts a diverse and interesting history. Let’s take a peek:

Carbohydrates 101 – The Different Types

With the global rate of obesity on the increase, there is interestingly a growing concern among the population about making good food choices as part of their effort in escaping this scourge. However, a good majority still lacks the facts of why certain foods are regarded as being healthy and others are not. Carbohydrate is one food group that has that has been seriously misunderstood especially in terms of its relationship with weight management.

Honey Is the Oldest Food Known to Man

When the summer comes again, you may one day find a bee in the kitchen window, buzzing away angrily, trying to escape. You might think him foolish not to know that he is trying to fly through a sheet of glass. Foolish?

Understanding Emotional Eating Habits

Eating is one of man’s best pleasures mostly as it serves as a means of rewarding himself after a hard day’s toil which to a large extent is aimed at achieving this end – putting food on the table. However, for some people eating has a totally different meaning due to the emotions they have learned to attach to it. Eating has traditionally been and continues to be for most people a means of sustenance.

Overcoming Emotional Eating Habits

Food is one of the basic necessities of life along with shelter and clothing but of the three, food appears to be the one most longed for because of its life-sustaining power. However, the overindulgence in this little pleasure of life has resulted in eating disorders such as emotional eating which have gradually led to the ever-increasing global obesity figures we are experiencing today. Experts are of the opinion that about 75% of all overeating is connected to emotions.

Protein Powder With Various Advantages

Everybody needs protein intake in their daily food and diet because of obvious reasons of body needs. Our body runs on the power of protein powder. Our every single cell of body is made from protein powder.

Could The Way You Are Eating Be Killing You?

So many people believe they are eating healthy foods, when that’s simply not the case. People don’t really understand the meaning of the word processed food. Find out if the diet you are consuming is helping you or killing you and what to do about it.

Novel Ideas For Nutrition Diets

Hospitals are found everywhere throughout the world and till such time, people are found to be suffering from some kinds of diseases, hospitals will exist and the physicians, pharmacists and medical professionals will be having good times with their professions! Good quality hospitals are available in major cities around the world. They provide 24 hour accident and emergency services; infection free operation theatre with latest nano coating technology for round the clock sterilization; labor ward for delivery with modern facilities; all keyhole surgeries; day care procedures; centre for excellence for joint replacement surgeries; arthroscopy and sports medicine centers…

Steps to a Successful Oatmeal Diet

The oatmeal diet is one of the hottest options for everyone who is trying to lose some weight. It is easy to follow and effective. The oatmeal diet follows a simple and very effective principle that guarantees gradual and sustained weight loss. Are you planning to start the oatmeal diet? Here is everything that you need to know about the steps involved. The guide can help you begin and fulfil successfully all of the diet’s stages.

Understand The Nature And Complications Of Juice Fasting

People have a lot or reasons to go on fasting. Aside from religious traditions, health reasons and detoxification or the elimination of noxious substances in the body are the bases for learning how to juice fast. As a matter of fact, it has been the conviction of many people and races that the process of abstinence cleanses the body and aids in restoring the health of people afflicted with various types of ailments.

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