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Eating for Energy Reviewed

Obesity and health problems related to a poor diet are becoming more common than ever in modern society. People are asking why this is? We are richer, have better public health and are more educated than at anytime in our history.

Making Juicing Enjoyable

Juicing is often associated with foul tasting juice and hard to clean machines. Here are five steps to help you make juicing a enjoyable habit in your life.

Harmful Effects of Drinking Soda

Soda is not good to drink in quantities for a whole variety of reasons. It is especially not good for young children. Read the article to find out more.

How to Increase Your Body’s Metabolism

You must have heard people saying something about how fast or slow metabolic rates affect a person’s weight. Simply put, the metabolic rate is the rate in which your body burns the calories that you ingest from the food that you eat. There are no buts or ifs about the fact that if you eat more calories than you burn, you will not lose any weight and will in fact just make you put on more pounds, and probably all in the wrong places.

6 Tasty Fat Burning Foods For Your Diet

A weight loss program is a combination between good diet, well planned exercises and natural weight loss supplements. A good diet includes different fat burning foods. Here you could find 6 delicious fat burning foods.

Gluten Intolerance and Stomach Pains – What Can I Do To Ease The Problem?

Do you suffer from gluten intolerance and stomach pain? Are those cramps and bloating feeling becoming unbearable, and nothing you do seems to make them stop? Thankfully for you, help is at hand. With some simple self remedies, you can stop those stomach cramps, and finally see an end to the endless bloating.

Some Important Things To Know About Certain Foods That We Eat In Our Diet

Many of the foods that we eat such as eggs, fish and peas have amazing health benefits. They prevent some serious diseases.

New To Juicing? Important Juicing Health Benefits You Should Be Aware Of

The various health benefits of juicing have become more and more apparent in recent times – health circles are going crazy for it. In most cases, new juicers are not properly informed on the overall subject, and may not know exactly where to start. The purpose of this article is to give you solid advice and information on proper juicing procedures, allowing you to fully enhance your diet and your life in general.

What Does Hot or Cold Food Mean? An Acupuncturist’s View of Nutrition

There is nothing more fundamental to general health than healthy eating. Unfortunately there is so much confusing information available, that it is really difficult to choose the right one. The objective is to provide some basic principles of Chinese Nutrition that anyone can follow without changing what they eat.

Quick and Easy Meals for Weight Loss

A lot of people do not realize that there are hundreds of easy meals that can be prepared in less than 20 to 30 minutes without compromising the health benefits. The goal is to stick to your caloric limits without compromising flavor or falling into hunger.

Weight Loss Meal Plan: How to Begin

The basic approach to any weight loss meal plan is to select the foods carefully so that you do not consume more calories than you can burn off in a given day. Starving yourself will not solve the problem or help you lose weight because the body tends to save more fat if it detects that you are entering a state of starvation. You need to change things and follow a few guidelines to lose weight while staying lean and strong.

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