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Nutrition Lessons From a Non-Nutrition Seminar

Most of us have to eat in restaurants and other locations frequently. This article covers tips on getting what you need from those away-from-home meals, no matter what.

Osteoporosis – The Sneaky Villain!

Osteoporosis is one of those undesirable creatures that can just sneak up on you. It appears gradually, not disturbing anything as it makes its way, causing no pain as it develops in your body, but yet can suddenly make you aware of its presence! Yes, when a simple fall causes a bone to break, it might be because you have osteoporosis.

Use and Health Benefits of Tomatoes

The tomato is the red edible fruit of the tomato plant, also called Solanum lycopersicum. This originated in the Andes in South America and began to be used as food in Mexico.

Clean Eating – 3 Tips To Clean Up Your Diet

“Clean eating” is one of the latest buzz phrases in our quest to find the “right” diet. There has been an increase in consumer demand for clean food products. Consumers are asking for products lower in sodium, without high fructose corn syrup and trans-fats, products with short ingredient lists, recognizable and “natural” ingredients. And the food industry is responding. Ingredients are being removed which are not easily understood. You will find more options without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. In 2013, 25% of new product launches globally were considered “label-friendly.”

How to Get the Most Out of National Nutrition Month

Learn how National Nutrition Month can help your staff members this March. Remind both patients and staff about healthy habits.

Three More Weeds That Are Good to Eat

Here are some more weeds that might well be growing in your yard or garden (unless you are an obsessive weeder, as I am), which can be eaten and are good for you. They are packed with nutrients, many of which are difficult to find in other food sources.

Post Workout Shakes And Why You Should Use Them

What you consume after working out is important. After you work out, your body is repairing itself and working on recovery. If you do not provide your body with the proper post workout nutrition, you will not see the muscle gains and fat loss that you want.

6 Power Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

Your body is like a machine – in order for it to run smoothly, it needs to be well-maintained. Modern lifestyle, stress and the pace of work tends to deprive one of sleep, nutrition and the right balance in life.

Fancy A Snack? Here’s 7 Healthy Choices

Changing your eating habits is not easy when you’re trying to lose weight and it is especially difficult finding the best healthy snacks. Cravings, hunger, and the stress of managing the diet can lead to snacking mistakes. Here are 7 of the best healthy snacks that won’t sabotage your weight loss goals.

Are You Having Issues Improving Your Nutrition?

One of the main causes of obesity and it is overeating is one of the toughest aspects to consistently keep under control. Let’s face it, it can be down right tough to make a change in your daily nutrition that sticks. When a person regularly consumes a 1,500+ calorie meal, the repercussion will naturally be weight gain. The problem is, once a person becomes accustomed to eating this amount and type of food at meals, this habit can present big issues when trying to change that around. This is particularly true if the majority of meals eaten are from fast food spots or restaurants. Here’s a way to help fix all this.

Countdown to a Flat Belly

I can’t wait for summer! I love cookouts, swimming, gardening but there is one thing I could live without, trying on swim suits. You see, I struggle with the dreaded pooch, that lower belly fat that makes me cringe when I try on anything form fitting.

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