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Foods To Eat For Better Digestive Health

With the United States leading the world in the obesity category, illness and disease climbing higher each and every year. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that our low nutrient, fast food, and high processed food diet is the main reason for much of our poor digestive health.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Health at the Holidays

How does a person survive the holidays without sacrificing their health? This article offers strategies for enjoying the holidays while keeping to your diet (whatever it might be).

Sport Specific Weight Training and Nutrition for All Five Basketball Positions

Do you enjoy playing basketball, but seek to have a bit more strength and explosiveness on the court? You’ve come to the right place! Check out the recommended lifting regimens for all 5 positions on the basketball court, and see if you can bump up your game with some new muscle & strength!

Protein Planning For Your Weekly Needs

Have you discovered the many benefits of preparing your meals ahead of time? Cooking a pile of protein with a few carbohydrate sources is an ideal way to ensure you are able to deliver to your body a steady supply of amino acids every 3 hours. But the same foods all the time can get very old, very fast. Here’s how you can conquer that – splitting up your meals and protein sources into protein separate days!

Using Caffeine for Bodybuilding – Safely!

Caffeine has many advantages for both the lifter and the non-trainer. However, it should be used sparingly and never in an addictive nature.

There Is Such a Thing As a Healthy Snack!

While some people may only eat three large meals a day, a majority of others enjoy eating frequently throughout the day. Snacks in between meals can help supplement many of the fat and calories people consume on a daily basis. Snacks are also imperative for people who suffer from low blood sugar levels and diabetes. However, many of the snacks people consume each and every day are full of unhealthy fats, simple sugars, empty calories and have no nutritional value. When people change the types of foods they eat throughout the day, they will change the way they feel and notice a difference in how much energy they have.

How I Added Muscle by Niacin Flushing Regularly

An article about how I used niacin (vitamin b3) in order to stimulate the production of growth hormone. Growth hormone is needed to add muscle to the physique and become stronger.

Pour Some Sugar on Me

It’s become apparent to me based on the talks I’ve given and clients that I’ve coached that people are fascinated with the topic of sugar. Even if the talk isn’t focused on sugar, it’s the subject on which we invariably spend the most time. They want to know which sweeteners are the safest and healthiest to use. Why? Because in general, we’re addicted to sugar and the thought of life without it doesn’t seem possible. We often turn to sugar because it is an antidote when we are stressed out or wired. It is an expansive drug that temporarily relieves the contraction we experience as a result of our fast-paced, overly scheduled lives. But the more we rely on it, the more we rely on it.

How Diet Affects Your Colon And Digestive Health

Medical science has made the claim “all disease starts in the intestines”. Specifically, the dis-function of the large intestine, which we also call the colon, can be linked directly to many of our most common digestive disorders, many of which go beyond the digestive system.

Do Children Need Prebiotic Supplements?

Unfortunately, the national statistics for the ever-growing obese epidemic in the United states shows that the largest affected group is now young children. Yes, children 12 and under are becoming obese!

Designing the Perfect Bodybuilding Breakfast

Finding the time and energy to enter the kitchen and cook up a proper bodybuilding breakfast is not an easy thing to do! Let’s look at some of the criteria for a successful bodybuilding breakfast plan.

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