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Calcium Supplements – Do You Need Them?

If a person does not get the recommended calcium their bodies need as a part of their regular diet they may benefit from taking a calcium supplement. Young children need the calcium to help them build healthy bones and as women age calcium can help reduce their risk of developing osteoporosis. Calcium is also important for women who are pregnant or nursing. How much calcium you need will vary with each group.

Foods That Contribute to a Healthy, Robust Sex Life

One of the things that drew me to holistic nutrition counseling and hypnotherapy was my fascination with how our health and mindset serve as the foundation for every other part of our life — from our productivity at work to our sex life. So, I thought I’d go ahead and provide a short list of some of the foods that can rev up your sex life..

Are Breakfast Cliches Your Final Food Frontier?

Breakfast can be a difficult meal for some. It can be tough to get past the traditional views of breakfast, but it might be more healthful to eat “lunch” or “dinner” in the morning.

Paleo Bread Is Easy to Make

Paleo bread could be a challenge for anyone who is interested in eating paleo. But do not worry, there are ways to overcome this challenge. There are many different paleo flours that you could use as a substitute for regular flour. Keep on reading for information on how to solve the paleo bread issue.

How Does Cooking Affect Calories and Nutrients in Food?

Cooked food provides more energy than raw food, but should we count the calories before or after cooking? Does it make a difference? And how does it affect the nutritional content of foods such as vegetables? Find out what are the best ways to retain vitamins and minerals whilst cooking your food.

8 Things You Should Definitely Avoid Like The Plague

The amount of “poisons” on our supermarket shelves today just never ceases to amaze me… even in these enlightened times with more and more scientific and medical research proving beyond any doubt that what we’ve been “force-fed” by the media, the big food corporations and so-called science since the 1960’s, you and your loved ones are still being pushed to take serious risks with your health… while at the same time you’ve been “persuaded” to stop consuming what we all consumed up to that point – because apparently it was all “Unhealthy”… WRONG..!!

5 Deadly FrankenOils

… then post WW2 saw the advent of margarine and of course the ultimate “FrankenFood”, heavily processed, chemically enhanced Hydrogenized oils that replaced the nutritious and wholesome natural oils and fats that we were previously using and consuming. Big-food and Big-pharma had the nerve to call these monstrosities “Healthy Oils” – and the decades-long legacy of persuasive advertising and misinformation is still having a disastrous effect on many millions of peoples’ health and wellness.

The Rise Of Another Super Food

Like the stuff of legends, like the rise of the Phoenix from the ashes – OK, that’s a little dramatic… but it works for – the humble coconut and more specifically coconut oil, finally shakes off all the misinformation, bad press and out-n-out ignorance concerning its’ health properties and gets recognised for what it truly is… wait for it… (hear the drum rolls)… yep, it’s a SUPERFOOD and it’s actually GOOD FOR YOU… ! I couldn’t be happier, because I use it practically everyday and it turns out – along with many other foods like butter, eggs and red-meat, now popping up into the ‘limelight’, that all the previous BS and demonisation that the so-called “experts” dished out for this perfect food and curer of many ills, was exactly that… complete BS… simple..!

Different Types Of Healthy Snacks With A Twist Kids Would Love

When it comes to snacks, some parents forbid their kids to indulge in such because they are afraid their kids would not eat their meals when it’s time for their proper meal time. What parents should know is that snacks help their young ones to keep going on their daily activities.

4 Tips For Clean Eating

I’m sure you have heard of the term “Clean Eating” as it has been a hot topic for some time now. But what exactly is clean eating? To eat clean isn’t just about eating, it’s more to do with a lifestyle change, not some fad diet or a hopeful quick fix. Many others may have different views or opinions, however the founding principles of the clean eating way of life are the same. So read on as I give you 4 tips that you can use to incorporate a clean diet into your life.

Food That Will Boost Your Energy Levels

There are many reasons why you might be feeling low energy; poor diet, not enough exercise, a medical condition, or even a combination of these things. No one needs to be lectured about his or her lack of physical activity. If you don’t move around enough, you are probably aware.

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