How Soil Health Impacts Human Health | The Dr. Josh Axe Show Podcast Ep 83

Depression Cured by Low Carb Diet?

Yes you heard me right! Does a low carbohydrate diet play a role in stabilising mood disorders including depression?

5 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is chock-full of goodness. Antioxidants and catechins released from the Camellia sinensis plant have known benefits to cognitive abilities, cancer and general health to name a few. This article discusses 5 of the main health outcomes that this type of tea positively benefits.

Garlic Benefits: Studies Show 7 Health and Beauty Gains

It has been said that all current drugs and medications are simply versions of herbs and foods that can be patented by the drug companies. These herbs have been freely used throughout history for their healing benefits. The biggest jewel in the crown of all medicinal herbs is garlic.

Almond Benefits Based on Nutritional Facts

Almonds are rich in fibre and protein. They are good for your weight and cholesterol too. Find out more about them…

Five Important Herbs You Should Include In Your Diet Daily

Do you add herbs or spices to your diet? Herbs have a lot of health benefits as some people use them as natural remedies due to their effectiveness in healing with less side effects. Most diseases we suffer could have been prevented if we had included the following herbs in our daily meals.

Potassium – Why We Need It And Easy Ways To Get More Of It

Potassium is an important mineral because our body needs it in order for our muscles, cells, and organs to function properly. Potassium is also one of three minerals that make up the electrolyte family of minerals (the other two are chloride and sodium). Potassium is considered an electrolyte because it helps conduct electricity when dissolved in water.

A Cleaner Diet for a Better You

It’s actually alarming when you realize all of the sodium, sweeteners and other non-essential ingredients that can be found in today’s prepared foods. Instead of flavoring with spices, producers take the approach to add ingredients that most Americans consume too much of already. And, the fat content in most prepared items is truly unacceptable. This article contains information and suggests for healthier eating.

This Nutrition Question Can Change Everything

It’s a simple step with profound effects. Ask this one question before you eat, and you can increase your energy, improve focus, improve your health, lift your mood, and feel great.

Post Workout Nutrition: The 5 Basic Nutrients

There is no ‘one size fits all’ diet that is universal for everyone. But everyone is going to need to following 5 nutrients: Protein, carbs, fat, water and electrolytes. That being said, the exact foods someone should eat after a workout depends on any factors such as training goals, allergies, intensity of the workout, and of course, taste preferences. Are you getting what you need?

Healthy Meal Ideas: Green Herbs For Laksa Soup And Pasta Dishes

Cooking a dish to perfection is getting hold of the mix and match secrets of herbs. There is, for instance, to create the quintessential sweet and spicy taste of coconut milk in curry laksa soup, or the sour and spicy flavor of the tamarind version, you need at least 8 herbs, including the garnish. In both laksa cases, the dominant strong-flavored herb root is ginger while the rest is a mixture of medium and mild-flavored herbs. As for pasta dishes, the herb requirement is derived from four recipes: ‘Pasta with Pesto and Fresh Herbs’ from ‘Good Food’ magazine, ‘Pasta with Spring Herbs’ of Martha Stewart, ‘Lemon Pasta with Herbs and Cracked Pepper’ from Delia’s vegetarian collection, and ‘Garlic Butter Spaghetti with Herbs’ of Lindsay Ostrom. It is found that, for pastas, you will need either all green herbs or a mixture of bulbous and green herbs. Only one strong-flavored herb, sage or basil is included while the remaining herbs are either medium or delicate-flavored. The point is you must strike a balance among the different flavors of herbs.

Fall Foods to Promote Wellness

With the fall season near at hand, there are a variety of exciting super foods that will be available from the garden, as well as local markets and grocers. Here are some of our favorites!

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