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How To Sneak Fruits and Vegetables Into Your Family’s Bellies!

It can be a challenge to get your family to eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables daily. Here are some quick and easy ideas to get it into their diet without a fuss!

Why Eat Wholefoods?

This article is not dedicated to extolling the virtues of any one diet over another. Many of those articles are sprawled across the internet and in my opinion are about as confusing as a child making sense of road map. It’s no lie that consumers are inundated with too much information these days. Despite this, global populations continue to battle the bulge with very little end in sight.

Sweet Potatoes Vs. White Potatoes

People “know” that sweet potatoes are more healthy than white potatoes. But is that really true? What are the facts?

Raw Nutrition – How To Ensure Optimal Nutrients In Your Raw Food Vegan Diet

The raw food diet is criticized by many and laughed at by the world. Where do you get your protein? They teasingly bully you. You can’t be getting enough nutrients. They boldly declare. Are they perhaps correct?

What Is Integrated Nutrition?

What is integrated nutrition? Simply put, it’s a take on diet and nutrition that integrates different dietary theories, based on the principle that suggests in order to maintain an optimal lifestyle and optimal health we must consume “optimal foods.”

The Power of Vitamin D: Part 2 Treating Low Numbers Associated With Disease

Vitamin D3’s positive impact on the immune system. This impact has been found to not only reduce the risk of being diagnosed with certain cancers and autoimmune diseases. It also seems to be reducing disease activity of those that have some of these autoimmune diseases and increasing certain cancer survival rates.

Top 8 Health Benefits Of Sweet Honey

The process of making sweet honey is very complicated. This sweet liquid is produced by the honeybees after a very long period of hard work. This is a delicious natural liquid that contain lots of minerals and vitamins.

Carrots – Your Top Source of Beta Carotene

When we look into the health benefits of carrots, the one that stands out is beta carotene. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is converted into vitamin A by the liver. Just one-half cup of chopped carrots will provide over twice our daily recommended amount of vitamin A. They do contain more sugar than any vegetable besides beets which gives them their sweet flavor. But their high vitamin A content to go with vitamin B6, folic acid, magnesium and potassium make them a necessary staple of every diet.

Amino Acids for Weight Loss

Some amino acids have been proven to aid weight loss efforts, some haven’t. Know more about the amino acids supplements you should be using!

Where Do Vegans Get Protein?

The biggest question vegetarians and vegans get is “where do you get your protein?” I find it funny that when I was eating the Standard American Diet no one was concerned about how much protein I was getting or if it came along with a side of fat, but know everyone needs to know if I’m getting enough. It’s like they won’t be able to sleep at night if little old me is “protein deficient.”

What Is Holistic Nutrition?

When one speaks of “holistic nutrition” the definition conjures up visions of a dynamic fusion between “holistic” – meaning, essentially, “to heal” – and the organic and functional relationship between different parts of the body… and treating it as a whole. What this comes down to is how the body needs to make changes to fuel it properly – and that’s where sciences such as holistic nutritional counseling come in.

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